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Stefanos Mourelatos: Hotel Manager at Tueq Private Yacht, Greece

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News Release – Polytechnics Mauritius Team Wins HTMi 2021 Global Innovation Challenge

From eight competing institutions globally, the winning team is: Polytechnics Mauritius Team 2. Polytechnics Mauritius submitted three teams and two teams made it into the top eight finalists on Thursday, 22nd April 2021.

The team consisted of HTMi Switzerland’s partner Polytechnics Mauritius Montagne Blanche Campus Ms. Leutendrine Marie Yashica and Mr. Kissoondoyal Chettan, whose innovation challenge concept focused on “The SMART Greenhouse Cultivation”.

Initially, this concept was created due to the consequences of Covid-19. Numerous Mauritius faced a shortage of food supplies mainly fresh vegetables and fruits. The period of lockdown for both international and national levels was a harsh phase. Therefore, it is a need for the government, hotels, populations, and from both private and public sectors to seek new and advanced ways to curb these issues. The hospitality industry being the main focus as it is directly affected. Thus, we need to prevent problems such as jobs losses, declining in financial statuses and come up with permanent yet reliable solutions for the salvations of the hospitality industry. Improving the situations will create new hopes which will give people a good perception and reason to fight against the pandemic.

The mission of the team “To implement the most advance way to grow crops within the hospitality industry in Mauritius, using the SMART Greenhouse Cultivation”, with a Vision Statement “in Mauritius, we import 60% of fruit and vegetables from abroad and only 40% is being produce locally, therefore with this SMART greenhouse cultivation; we can easily produce up to 70% locally by 2030”.

We salute and congratulate Polytechnics Mauritius on their success.


Anthony Lack, President, HTMi International Events Association

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Mastering International Talent Development and Training

Developed and masterminded  by HTMi’s Bernie Quinn  (Academic Dean HTMi (Singapore)) , HTMI
launches its drive to develop the talent in each and every student and staff at HTMi, to support
career development and to support the HTMi brand and international development activity. During the Summer, HTMi held its first in a series of International Task Force Development Training and Selection , where candidates can get involved  in career development activity, with the possibility of selection into the HTMi International Task Force , to help support. HTMi growing number of international partners globally. Delegates taking part in the inaugural Task Force Training and Selection were : from left to right : Popa Dan, Jonathon Lim, Dominic Krizan, (Mr Bernie Quinn, Centre), Aishah Siti, Stefanos Mourelatos, Tharini Nair, and Sergei Jezelev. HTMi will soon announce  more key developments in our international development  strategy.
“Talent is the greatest asset an organisation has , by harnessing and developing it  turns this asset into a powerful force”.
Bernie A Quinn, HTMi.
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HTMi (Singapore) Team Visits Switzerland Campus for Training

Congratulations to Aishah (Recruitment and Career Manager)  and Shoba ( Student Services Executive) for successfully
completing their training on administration and processes for international students. HTMi (Singapore) will now expand its role to include supporting the local Singapore Hospitality and Tourism Industry as well as supporting the International Hotel and Tourism Industry .
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HTMi Graduation & Awards Ceremony Summer 2017

Here at HTMi we feel very proud to announce that another challenging semester has come to an end. On Thursday, 8th June 2017 another fantastic Graduation & Awards Ceremony Summer 2017 took place in the Gottfried Keller Ballroom of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Zürich, where we happily celebrated the achievements of our students and staff.

We welcomed the graduates of the undergraduate and post-graduate courses. In attendance to hand out the parchments were Prof. Paul Bartholomew, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Education), Prof. Una McMahon-Beattie, Head of Department Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Ms. Ursula Quinn, Senior Lecturer and HTMi Co-ordinator, Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management. The post-graduate awards were handed out by Prof. Russell Rimmer, HTMi Professor of Research Development.

As with all previous graduation and award ceremonies, the excitement and tension grew towards the end of the awards ceremony where those students who won the Excellent Professional Behaviour & Attitude Awards, Ambassador Awards and the Excellent Student Awards waited patiently to find out where they will be going on the next HTMi Career Trip. Finally, the wait was over as after previous trips to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Thailand, and Berlin  the students discovered that they are going on a career trip to visit the top hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As Mr. Ian Larmour, Director of HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute said: “We are delighted that you chose to send your sons and daughters to study at our Institute, and entrust us with their preparation for careers in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. The training and the courses today’s graduates have completed have been very intensive and challenging and indeed many of the students who are graduating today, have now come to the end of their preparations for the world of work.”

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HTMi staff and students were very honored to a have a visit from the Kazakhstan Embassy to Switzerland

The HTMi staff and students were very honoured to have the Minister-Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Switzerland, Dr. Gaukhar Beiseeva and Embassy`s Consul Mr. Yerkebulan Tauyekel visited us recently for a day. While meeting with Mr. David Hailstones, the Director of Operations, Mr. Charles Hains the Director of Academics, Mr. Laszlo Nagy, Operations Manager, and Mr. Vinoth Prakas, Director of Diplomatic Relations. They also had some valuable time to meet our Kazakhstan students studying at HTMi this semester.

HTMi looks forward to the continued support in the future and more news to follow with regards to the cooperation with our Kazakhstan counterparts.

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Congratulations to Mr. Vid Hočevar Hvorostanski (Slovenia)

The HTMi Career Centre wishes to share yet another excellent update from Mr. Vid Hočevar Hvorostanski (Slovenia) our diploma student.

Vid recently confirmed his exciting internship with the Hansar Hotel Bangkok.


We all wish Vid the very best with his continued success with this new position and department learning, this will definitely be a valuable experience and add to his career portfolio.
Please his story so far:
My Certificate course brought me the opportunity for an internship at the Regent Hotel, Berlin. Regent is considered to be one of the best luxury hotels in Germany. The experience I gained was mainly in the F&B Department, where I got the chance to learn 2 star michelin service, as well as serving top VIP guests. Due to this, I was able to hone my day to day operations skills, which allows me to come up with innovative and efficient ideas when it comes to F&B. I am happy to announce that I have signed a six month contract for the Hansar Hotel F&B department/Guest relations in Bangkok, Thailand. There I will be able to apply my leadership skills, as well as other aspects of quality guest service. I see this as a great opportunity, as I have had an ever-growing interest to work in Asia. Asia, for me is an highly emerging market, where I will gain the best of the best when it comes to quality hospitality. The goal of this placement is to implement the skills and knowledge that I have gained from my past experiences, as well as the recent diploma course.
The Career Centre is very proud yet again to share more and more Internship and Graduate news each week. Best regards from all the HTMi team.
For more exciting news and information about Slovenian students and culture at HTMi Switzerland, please visit our facebook page: HTMi Switzerland – Slovenia
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Ceyda Denk – Turkey – BSc (Hons) Degree

Dear future HTMI family members,

Before coming to HTMI, I used to be in a University in France studying History of Arts majoring in Photography. Then I realized that I wanted to build myself a career in the Events Industry and decided to come from France to beautiful Soerenberg to be a hospitality student.I’m currently studying the BSc (Hons) course here at HTMI and it’s sadly my last semester here. Being a part of the HTMI family for the past 3 years has given me more than taking away from me. The enthusiasm of the management, the warmth of the students, the beautiful environment. It’s actually everything that a person could wish for.

For something to be inspiring, it has to stir emotions. It has to make one realize the potential within them and what they would wish to achieve. HTMI’s strategy in blending theory and practical, giving the students the chance to go on internships, supporting them to build and learn skills, have a professional attitude at all times and most importantly drive them away from their comfort zone. This is the outstanding system that is established here. It gives you the skills and knowledge but at the same time the professionalism to execute them.

I will be graduating this year however I made memories here that I will keep with me, a lifetime friendships that will cross paths no matter where I’ll go.

For giving us that HTMI will always have my gratitude and appreciation.

Ceyda Denk


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Sarah Jane Raya – Mauritius – PGD

Hello, I am Sarah-Jane Raya and I come from a beautiful island called Mauritius. I have always dreams to study in a foreign country to broaden my horizon and discover new cultures. Switzerland was my choice of study since it is considered to be the world leading in Hospitality industry. It is one of the beautiful places in the world with its breathtaking landscapes, scenic lakes and panoramic mountains.

I came to HTMi last year to study Postgraduate Diploma in Events Management. During my study, I got the chance to discover students from different countries and nationalities and learn about Hospitality industry.

In HTMi, we have more than 50 events, which are being organized by the students in different classes. As Postgraduate student in Events, I have the chance to learn events management through planning, running and evaluating. It was very challenging and interesting since it is “Learning by doing” course.

Through these events, I create new friends of different cultural background. Working in a team also gives me the opportunities to discover management and leadership skills. It also helps to reinforce and strengthen the bond relationship between students and staff.

Teaching is very interactive. The teachers are very sympathy, dynamic and passionate about their work. Role-plays, group work, simulations, seminars and doing Entrepreneurial project help me to be creative and innovative: “Thinking out of the box”.

Using of latest Technology in teaching makes the learning more fascinating. iPod/iPad are offered by the school to all students and this help to keep up-to-date to the latest trends and social media aspects.

I had also the opportunity to do my internship in a five star hotels for six months in Geneva. It helps me to acquire and deepen my experience in a challenging environment. In both my study and internship, a lot of emphasis has been laid upon “Guest Quality Service” and the “WOW effect” which make the experience of studying and working comprehensively valuable.

This year, I embark to a new programme called Event Management in Training (E-MiT). This course will certainly help me to acquire experience in training students, communicating and building up my knowledge in leadership and interpersonal skills. I encourage each and every one to never give up to their dreams and to be persevering in life.

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