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Come as a Student, Become a Manager.

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Welcome to HTMi

A Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland prepares students for a management career in the global hospitality industry. The institute has five centres for excellence, they are: The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management, The International Hospitality Research Centre, The International Centre for Events Management Training, The Centre for Career Management and The Centre for Culinary Management.

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The mission for all students is “Come as Student, Become a Manager.”

To help achieve this mission the focus of HTMi is to provide each student with a high quality education, search for excellence in everything that happens within HTMi, and to provide an organization that meets the contemporary needs of the international hotel and tourism industry.  Our high quality modern campus, located within two Swiss hotels, is a recognized part of the beautiful, famous UNESCO Biosphere of the Canton Luzern, Switzerland.

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New Centre at HTMi: HTMi Switzerland Student Services Centre

Congratulations to Nina Mueller, HTMI Student Services Manager, and her team Kerstin and Daniella, as they elevate the old ‘Admin Dept' to a new centre at HTMi. The Student Services [...]

HTMi Switzerland at the Hungarian National Day Celebration in Bern

HTMi Switzerland students and staff were very proud and honoured to have been invited to the celebration of the Hungarian National Day, hosted by H.E. István Nagy, the Ambassador of [...]

Winner 2017 World Cake Design Championships

Congratulations to HTMi Executive Chef Andreas Kurfurt for leading the United Arab Emirates world culinary team to victory against 18 other national teams, to be winners of the 2017 World [...]

HTMi students supporting the Czech Embassy in Switzerland

HTMi students supported the Czech Embassy in Switzerland during their VIP reception in Bern last week. The organisers were very pleased with HTMi students. Thank you Robert, Vashek and Dominik [...]


Indian Cultural Evening

A big thank you to our students Sonu and Harjot and their team for organising the Indian cultural evening last friday. It was a wonderful night, thank you all.

African cultural evening

A special thank you to our students Joy and Robinson as well as all that helped them organise the African cultural evening last friday. It was a delicious and unique [...]

South East Asia Cultural Evening

Thank you Dania, Kass, and all who assisted them in hosting last weeks South East Asia cultural evening. It was a joy to attend, thank you everyone.

Middle Eastern Cultural Evening

A big thank you to Ahmet, Riwa, and Everyone who helped organize last weeks Middle Eastern cultural evening. It was a wonderful night, many thanks.