Master’s MBA Programme

Master’s MBA in Hospitality Management from HTMi Switzerland – 1 Year


Year 1
Master’s MBA HTMi


Master’s MBA in Hospitality Management from HTMi Switzerland

Academic Semester – 20 Weeks (2 X Blocks – 10 weeks)

Paid Internship in Switzerland or Worldwide (4-6 Months)

Year 2 (Optional)
MBA Dissertation Course

Academic Semester – 20 Weeks (2 X Blocks – 10 weeks)

Paid Internship in Switzerland (4-6 Months)


Intakes: January, April, August, October.

Entry requirements: Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management, or a Bachelor Degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in any discipline, or have minimum of three years suitable experience in the hospitality and tourism industry and suitable academic qualifications.

Age requirements: 21 and above for direct entry

Language proficiency: Required English level by interview / HTMi test or have TOEFL 547 or IELTS 6 or equivalent HTMi English Placement Test Score.

Prior work experience: Three years minimum experience in the hospitality or tourism industry if not a degree or a postgraduate diploma holder.

Students’ suitability for the course will be supported by a Motivation Letter / Statement of Purpose to describe why the student is selecting this course and how it fits into the future career plan (also part of the visa documents). This will also form part of an interview by HTMi Admissions/Marketing Group.


At the conclusion of the programme, students will be able to:

  1. Interpret practical, theoretical and personal skills required for senior management roles within a variety of international hotel and tourism organisations.
  2. Synthesise strategic, organisational and marketing processes of a commercial hospitality enterprise within the context of the global nature of the business.
  3. Cultivate a professional management attitude by nurturing the creative development of innovative ideas and solutions.
  4. Confidently debate, research and synthesise theories while evaluating organisational learning.
  5. Critically analyse different multilateral institutions and transnational organisations including an evaluation of their impacts involved in international tourism and heritage tourism management.


  • International Festival and Events Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Hotel Finance & Control Systems
  • Modern Hospitality Marketing
  • Creative Management
  • Management of Heritage Tourism
  • Research Methods


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded with the MBA Postgraduate Diploma in Hospitality Management by HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute.

MBA Postgraduate Diploma graduates need to complete a dissertation to be awarded the Masters MBA in Hospitality Management by HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute.

The dissertation of 12,000 words should be completed within 6 months of the completion of the taught course, and students will be given online support following the semester to assist them in doing this, as well as direct contact to a Supervisor who will provide advice and guidance. The topic should be based on the hospitality and tourism industry. This research is expected to be largely desk based, making use of academic resources.

Masters students may choose to join the optional Dissertation Course following the completion of the taught course.

Regulated by the Swiss Kanton of Luzern Government Dept of Education for the provision of quality standards in adult education.

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