Academic Vision

Vision: the clear vision of HTMi Switzerland is to be a leading hotel management institute in the world. To do this HTMi Switzerland’s goal is to be a leading provider of professional hospitality management education, and to develop lifelong careers for students in the services sector.

The education culture at HTMi Switzerland is focused on student-centred learning and developing learning excellence in all our students.

This culture supports our mission of developing students to lead…

Mission: “Come as a Student, Become a Manager”.

To maintain this culture of learning excellence, HTMi staff rigorously applies a teaching and learning methodology of establishing learning outcomes for each subject, which is then assessed using formative and summative work. Teaching in a blended learning environment is in the form of lectures, seminars, tutorials and independent learning. Students are encouraged to actively participate in class, give student presentations and learn in student groups. Our ultimate goal is to develop each student to become an independent learner, with strong critical appreciation and research skills. Finally, all student work is monitored and evaluated by a system of double marking and external examination.

Underpinning all teaching and learning is a strong English language and study skills support service.

The Values: of HTMi are derived from the principles of being successful in the hospitality industry: greeting and hosting people; being courteous and polite; being well groomed with proper deportment; being able to integrate with many different cultures; effective communication and use of common language; respect and integrity; being a lifelong and active learner; reflection and self – improvement; and striving for excellence.

A key part of the student-centred approach to the mission “Come as a Student, Become a Manager” and the HTMi Switzerland values is the instilling of professional behaviour and attitude skills. This is highly valued by employers of students and future graduates, as essential to success in the hospitality industry. Professional behaviour and attitude are monitored and graded by the staff team and is part of the overall student marks.


HTMi is fully resourced to complete all courses provided and declares that once students are enrolled and arrive at HTMi or start courses online, HTMi will ensure all the resources are in place required for students to study, be assessed and complete the courses being studied.


HTMi Academic Goals

Preserve and advance knowledge and enrich social, cultural and everyday life through teaching, learning, research and knowledge transfer.

Provide teaching of the highest quality and encourage learning that will meet the personal and occupational needs of each student.

Stimulate enterprise and creativity and promote awareness of the forces of international management and change.

Nurture the values of all cultures and respect of diversity.


HTMi Student-centred Objectives

To come as a student, become a manager.

To provide our students with the strongest education qualifications.

To develop in students a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and approaches essential for successful performance in the workplace.

To provide a basis for future studies and career development.

To provide an educational foundation for a range of management or supervisory positions in the hotel and tourism industries and within an international framework.

To develop the importance of flexibility and positive attitudes in students behaviour.

To develop the ability to express and communicate ideas clearly and to extend their own capacity for logical thinking, analysis, research and option-based solutions to problems.

To develop students ability to critically appreciate issues, topics and problems.

To have a flexible attitude towards problems of change and re-engineering.

To develop the student professional attitude for their future career.

To increase the capacity of students to be a good team members and team leader.

To recognize the key place of the customer in transactions.

To be a good communicator with appropriate presentation skills.


To support our aims and objectives student learning outcomes are progressively met from the earlier to the later stages of our courses. In the end, we expect all students to achieve these:

Demonstrate theoretical knowledge, possess practical and professional skills, personal attributes and competencies that will be required for management positions in the global hotel and tourism industries sectors.

Develop analytical, financial, legal, managerial and technical principles for professional developments in the hotel and tourism sectors.

Demonstrate an appropriate balance between the vocational skills necessary for immediate employment and the more fundamental principles necessary for further study.

Develop the academic abilities and personal characteristics required to solve problems relevant to hotel and tourism management and critically assess relevant aspects of the industry.

Cultivate a professional attitude and develop skills relating to communication, teamwork, project planning and responsibility for individual learning.

Acquire knowledge of career opportunities, entrepreneurship and ways for further studies that exist in the area of international hotel and tourism management.

Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the economic, environmental, political, social and technological influences which relate to the hotel and tourism industry.

Initiate and produce research papers.

Have the opportunities to put theory into practice via work-based learning.


On graduation we expect all students to have the following knowledge qualities:

Explain the nature, operations and main principles of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Demonstrate familiarity with theories and concepts used in hospitality and tourism.

Describe the domestic and international nature and dimensions of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Discuss the structure and organization of the public, private and not-for-profits sectors of the industry.

Understand the factors, which influence the development of organizations operating in the hotel and tourism industry and the most appropriate ways to manage this development.

Identify the steps required to carry a piece of research on a topic within the hotel and tourism industry.

Demonstrate the contribution and impacts of the hotel and tourism industry in social, economic, environmental, political and cultural terms.


On graduation we expect all students to have the following intellectual qualities:

Recognize and apply appropriate theories, principles and concepts relevant to hotel and tourism.

Critically assess and evaluate the literature within hospitality and tourism.

Exercise appropriate judgment in selecting and presenting information using various methods.

Develop a reasoned argument to the solution of familiar and unfamiliar problems.

Appraise some of the current and emerging issues within the hospitality and tourism industry and debate the potential benefits.


On graduation we expect all students to have the following intellectual qualities:

Plan, design, record and execute and communicate a piece of independent research using appropriate media and techniques.

Recognize moral, ethical and safety issues, which are pertinent to hotel and tourism.

Respond to change within the external and internal hospitality and tourism environments.


On graduation we expect all students to have the following personal development qualities

Develop appropriate effective written and oral communication skills.

Demonstrate the ability to work effectively as part of a group, involving leadership, group dynamics and interpersonal skills such as listening, negotiation and persuasion.

Use organization skills (including task and time management) both individually and in a group situation.

Solve problems using ideas and techniques some of which are at the forefront of the discipline.


Our CSR responsibility towards our key stakeholders in our academic excellence is:

Students by providing them with the best possible education, training, placements and professional behaviour training to get them ready for careers as future managers.

The staff of HTMi by providing them with all required resources to teach and manage students at the required high-quality level fulfilling the demands of the curriculum and student learning outcomes.



Come as a Student, Become a Manager.