Latest News from HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

3103, 2020

“Thanks to Mr. Manpreet Singh’s cheerful and polite manner, he was very popular with our international guests.”

Mr. Manpreet Singh, Food & Beverage Trainee at Astoria Luzern, Switzerland We got to know Mr. Manpreet Singh as a responsible, interested and reliable employee. He quickly recognised the processes and interrelationships in his area of responsibility and settled in well. We would particularly like to emphasize his dedication to his work, his flexibility and the calm he [...]

2703, 2020

Number 1 Ranked UK Degree (Ulster University) in Switzerland @ HTMi

We are delighted to announce that Ulster University Hospitality and Tourism Management Department ranks the highest on many UK official rankings - well above all of the UK Universities delivering hospitality degrees delivered in Switzerland. Four Hospitality and Leisure UK Rankings: Rank No 3 National Student Survey 2019 for Tourism, Travel and Transport Rank no 2 University League Tables [...]

2403, 2020

“We have cherished Mss. Gikonyo as a valuable employee who has been deeply committed to her responsibilities and the company.”

Ms. Katherine Gikonyo, Kitchen Trainee at Sheraton Zürich Hotel We have cherished Ms. Gikonyo as a valuable employee who has been deeply committed to her responsibilities and the company. She has extensive knowledge and experience in her field. She quickly found her way around new tasks and put the knowledge she had acquired into practice in an exemplary [...]

2403, 2020

HTMi in Mauritius – Rapid Growth

We are delighted to announce that the partnership with Polytechnics Mauritius Limited is a great success, with numbers of students soaring, the partnership is on the path to be the leading hospitality school in Mauritius. Says Programme leader, Georges Soodeen “For a partnership to be successful each member needs to feel a sense of support and optimism about [...]

1303, 2020

HTMi Saudi Arabia – Playing a Major Role in Vision 2030

As part of Vision 2030, plan to diversify the economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invested resources in hospitality and tourism infrastructure and training. Investing in education and work placement of Saudi nationals is a part of National initiative to meet the expectations of international business and leisure traveller. We are proud to announce the agreement signed between [...]

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