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1809, 2020

2020 Latest Employer Satisfaction Level of HTMi Students – 90.1%

Congratulations to all HTMi students, the Career Centre and all staff involved in the development of students skills and professional behaviour, here are the results of the latest Employer Survey 90.1% overall employer satisfaction of HTMi students. 88.3% employers commented positively on HTMi students behaviour with the following words frequently used: “trustworthy”, “honest”, “positive”, “valued by guests”. 76.4% of [...]

1709, 2020

Welcome Student Representative Committee Fall 2020

Mentored by Jack Iveson and Keith Howison, welcome the SRC members: Quang Thien Tran (President) Kudaibergen Baizhan (Vice President) Phuong Anh Tran Lorant Tamas (Lori) Higher Diploma Marta Begovic (Marta) DIPLOMA Matthew Aaron (Matthew) Certificate Nikola Vatkov (Nikola) (BSC) Paula Toma (Paula) Higher Diploma Satzhan Kerimbay (Satzhan) BSC

1209, 2020

Indian Cultural Evening – Fall 2020

The students from India organised an amazing cultural evening with great food and entertainment last Friday. HTMi thanks everyone who made it happen!

909, 2020

She said YES! – Wedding Event Fall 2020

Two hearts became one and it’s time to have fun. Because She Said YES!! For the first time ever, on 7th August 2020, the HTMi Wedding Event proposal took place in one of the finest location of Sörenberg, the Rossweid Lake. It was a remarkable dining experience in a breath-taking scenario for Lukas and Paulina, who are the wedding [...]

809, 2020

HTMi Global Student Forum 2020: 11th – 12th November

HTMi Global Student Forum 2020: 11th - 12th November Featuring: International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference (Contemporary issues in hospitality and tourism) Innovation Challenge - "Lead don't follow, create don't copy" (Create a leading hospitality or tourism concept) Bringing together all HTMi students globally.

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