Latest News from HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

1012, 2019

Employers are very satisfied with HTMi Students

HTMi’s Career Centre key objective for all students is “High Employer Satisfaction”. HTMi sees this as the key barometer of its reputation with employers. During 2018 and 2019 HTM’s Research carried out qualitative and quantitative research by analysing the content of employer references given to students, and work evaluations required by HTMi. This research also looked at the progression [...]

412, 2019

“Lost in Space at HTMi” the 26th International Gala Event Fall 2019

The 26th International Gala Event, held on Friday, 29th November 2019 is one of the most important events organised by the Higher Diploma students under the leadership of the Centre for Events Management at HTMi. During this semester our current Higher Diploma class succeeded in planning managing and executing an unforgettable evening enjoyed by highly respected guests from international [...]

2711, 2019

News Release – HTMi Switzerland Supports Embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in Celebration of Velvet Revolution

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland joins the Embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. On Tuesday, 19th November 2019 HTMi Switzerland was proud once again to support the two embassies by sending our Slovak and Czech young ambassadors to support their event held at the Town Hall in [...]

2711, 2019

News Release – HTMi Switzerland’s Successful 23rd International Research Conference

HTMi Switzerland saw the closure of another highly successful 23rd International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference that took place took on place 21st and 22nd November 2019 at our campus in beautiful Sörenberg. The theme of the conference was “Gastronomy and the importance of sustainable food policies”. The dynamics of the hospitality and tourism industry are shifting rapidly. As [...]

2511, 2019

SSHAP Moves Forward – Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme – South Africa

SSHAP Moves Forward - Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme - South Africa H.E. Swiss Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. Nicolas Bruehl, presented the HTMi Certificates to the first cohort of Apprentices, who successfully completed the dual system apprenticeship programme in leading hotels in Johannesburg. The second group of apprentices is now being selected, and a scaling-up plan in progress. [...]

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