Uniform Specification

You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

The philosophy behind business wear/uniforms

The success of companies, especially in the hospitality industry, strongly depends on their human resources. It is the employees that make the difference for a guest feeling comfortable or not. There are several factors influencing this feeling of comfort. One of them is the appearance of all hotel employees, which helps build a strong relationship with customers, other stakeholders and within staff employees.

A hotel is not only represented by its buildings and service but also by a reputation built by its employees, achieved to a high percentage through appearance and grooming. This is why at HTMi we train all of our students to focus on their grooming in order to be ready for the requirements expected from the hospitality industry and its customers.

Clothing – an important component in non-verbal communication

A well-groomed outward appearance and a polite and self- confident approach to HTMi stakeholders by all those dressed in Uniform will bring across our values and HTMi culture. Clothes make the man or woman, as the saying goes. People are primarily influenced by visual stimuli.

Thus, bearing in mind that the initial impression on others is crucial, all students have to wear uniforms during business hours and duties.

It emphasizes the professionalism of our Institute. It is a business suit in which both men and women will be well dressed, at any time.

Come as a Student, Become a Manager.

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