Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We see our responsibility (our CSR), to look after the interconnected various stakeholders in HTMi including:

  • Students by providing them with the best possible education, training, placements and professional behaviour training to get them ready for careers as future managers.
  • Department of Education and related education quality organisations by respecting and abiding by the education rules and regulations and quality standards.
  • Parents by not only getting our students prepared correctly but also by respecting the investment made in their children’s future.
  • Student recruiters by providing timely, accurate and effective information and maintaining a quality reputation for HTMi.
  • The hotel and tourism industry by providing as many qualified students and graduates to support the future of the industry and by supporting that industry in many other ways too, with research, events and other support initiatives.
  • The local economy in Switzerland by generating as much wealth and well-trained staff as possible to various companies and organizations.
  • The environment by ensuring Switzerland’s strict environment and legal framework is embedded in the operational culture at HTMi.
  • The staff of HTMi by providing them with all required resources to teach and manage students at the required high quality level fulfilling the demands of the curriculum and student learning outcomes.

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