HTMi Switzerland Course Credit Policy

Prospective students with prior experience or qualifications may submit evidence to show that it is equivalent in learning for at least 80% of a course semester, this will be assessed by the Head Of Academics or appointed deputy. To apply for course credit students will be applying to miss one semester, and should submit the following evidence with the application form, see

Formal qualifications from Switzerland or a recognised international equivalent:

  • Chef EFZ / cook EFZ

  • Restaurant specialist EFZ / Restaurant specialist EFZ

  • Hotel specialist EFZ / Hotel specialist EFZ

  • Hotel communications specialist EFZ / Hotel communications specialist EFZ

  • EFZ businessman / EFZ clerk in the hotel, gastronomy, and tourism sector

  • System catering specialist EFZ / system catering specialist EFZ

  • Industry Experience of at least one year covering at least 80% of the semester learning.

The Head of Academics may decide to add into the students learning some top-up subjects which will be no greater than 20% of the student learning at the course entry-level, or other solution to ensure the student will be able to graduate with the required competencies and skills to achieve the course award.