New International Partnership – Chung Hua University Taiwan

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland and Chung Hua University Taiwan are delighted to announce the signing of a new partnership agreement to allow qualified students to progress with advanced standing on “2 plus 2” and “3 plus 1” pathways to enter the Bachelor Degree Programme at HTMi Switzerland, and gain combined three degrees in Hospitality from Ulster University, HTMi and Chung Hua University.

For a decade HTMi Switzerland and Chung Hua University have been Sister Schools with various collaborations involving staff and students, this partnership programme is designed to set an international path and platform for qualified students of global hospitality management.


Signing the partnership agreement are:

Prof Hsin-Wen Chang, Dean College of Tourism at Chung Hua University
Ian R J Larmour, CEO, HTMi International Development Group

Attended by :

Prof. Pei Ying Wu, Chung Hua University
Mr Jack Iveson, HTMi Switzerland

Organised and attended by:
Michelle Shih , Lincoln HTMi Taiwan.
Jennifer Kuo, Lincoln HTMi Taiwan
Jackson , Lincoln HTMi Taiwan


Research News: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Student Journal No 49 – Just Launched

Congratulations to our excellent talent for getting their research published:


  • Nguyen Pham Yen Ngoc
  • Bruno Cubic
  • Zainab Albalooshi
  • Nguyen Thanh Huyen


HTMi’s Research Group has just launched the 49th Edition of the CIHSJ Journal, showcasing our excellent students’ research work on topic areas including: Airbnb in Vietnam; Instagram in hospitality marketing; over-tourism impact on ecosystems; and social media impact on traveller perceptions.


HTMi Launches 2020 3rd Edition International Hospitality and Tourism Research Journal

Congratulations to HTMi’s Research Group on launching the 49th Edition of the IHTR Journal showcasing our excellent students’ research work on topic areas including ecotourism, Esports tourism; emotional acting strategies in hospitality; leadership needs; tourism risk perceptions; and talent management techniques.

Congratulations to our excellent talents for getting their research published. The authors are:


Hugo Rivadeneira
Mai Anh Nguyen
Karlo Solaric
Myintmor Ko Lynn
Lubwama John Mark
Robert Miklos



Excellence in Research – MSc Dissertation

MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management
Excellence in Research – MSc Dissertation

We are very pleased to announce that for the first time ever two of our MSc Hospitality and Tourism Management students have achieved HTMi’s highest grade for their dissertation – an outstanding D3 (85% – 90%). Our Masters program with Napier University continues to excel in academic research within the hospitality and tourism industry and we look forward too many more years of excellence in research through this partnership.

Congratulations to:

Polina Ermolaeva – “The Effectiveness of Flipped Classrooms in the Hospitality Education: A Case Study of HTMi Switzerland”

Renee De Bruyn – “The Impact of Virtual Reality in Consumers Hotel Booking Consideration”


2020 Latest Employer Satisfaction Level of HTMi Students – 90.1%

Congratulations to all HTMi students, the Career Centre and all staff involved in the development of students skills and professional behaviour, here are the results of the latest Employer Survey

  • 90.1% overall employer satisfaction of HTMi students.
  • 88.3% employers commented positively on HTMi students behaviour with the following words frequently used: “trustworthy”, “honest”, “positive”, “valued by guests”.
  • 76.4% of employers took time to write personalised work certificates.
  • 71.3% specifically stated that they would welcome back the student to be employed again, and mentioned that our students are a real asset to their teams.

Stay at Home, Study in Switzerland

As a leading added service to students who cannot reach Switzerland during the global pandemic, you can now join our leading Swiss virtual classrooms live. “Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy”.

Stay at Home, Study in Switzerland


1000+ Research Papers Published since 2009 in our student research journals

1000+ Research Papers Published since 2009 in our student research journals, and we just launched volume 2 / 2020:

The International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal

Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Student Journal

In these additions you can read about, an “Analysis of personal distinction as a factor reshaping the concept of luxury in the hospitality industry: A case study of luxury company Abercrombie and Kent,” by Aizhan Kozhonova.

More topics include AI within the hospitality industry, Swiss hospitality education and many more exciting research papers by our excellent student authors:

Adam Lajos
Lam Pham
Carolyne Shantal Abok
Luci Strcic
Vladimir Tsukurov
Zhasmina Sagitzhanova
Karin Kogoj
Linda Planova
Martina Leep
Kudaibergen Baizhanov

Many congratulations to the HTMi Research Support Group.

The journals are best viewed on Google Chrome browser on desktop or mobile (Android and iOS).


HTMi Career Advancement Degrees Suite – Employability Focused

At HTMi, the BSc (Honours) in International Hospitality Management, according to the many UK Rankings is number one of UK degrees delivered in Switzerland. To build on this strength, and to increase our support for students employability and future careers HTMi is now introducing a suite of Career Advancement Degrees:

BA International Hospitality Business Management

BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management

BA International Hospitality and Events Management

BA International Hospitality Marketing Management

BA International Hospitality and Human Resources Management.


To match students career aspirations, and then through specialisation during the course, our students can choose one of the above.

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