1000+ Research Papers Published since 2009 in our student research journals

1000+ Research Papers Published since 2009 in our student research journals, and we just launched volume 2 / 2020:

The International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal

Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Student Journal

In these additions you can read about, an “Analysis of personal distinction as a factor reshaping the concept of luxury in the hospitality industry: A case study of luxury company Abercrombie and Kent,” by Aizhan Kozhonova.

More topics include AI within the hospitality industry, Swiss hospitality education and many more exciting research papers by our excellent student authors:

Adam Lajos
Lam Pham
Carolyne Shantal Abok
Luci Strcic
Vladimir Tsukurov
Zhasmina Sagitzhanova
Karin Kogoj
Linda Planova
Martina Leep
Kudaibergen Baizhanov

Many congratulations to the HTMi Research Support Group.

The journals are best viewed on Google Chrome browser on desktop or mobile (Android and iOS).


HTMi Career Advancement Degrees Suite – Employability Focused

At HTMi, the BSc (Honours) in International Hospitality Management, according to the many UK Rankings is number one of UK degrees delivered in Switzerland. To build on this strength, and to increase our support for students employability and future careers HTMi is now introducing a suite of Career Advancement Degrees:

BA International Hospitality Business Management

BA International Hospitality and Tourism Management

BA International Hospitality and Events Management

BA International Hospitality Marketing Management

BA International Hospitality and Human Resources Management.


To match students career aspirations, and then through specialisation during the course, our students can choose one of the above.


WORLDCHEFS Association (WACS) Accredits HTMi Switzerland

The WORLDCHEFS Recognition of Quality Culinary Education program recognizes institution’s which offer culinary and pastry art programs, which meet or exceed global standards for quality culinary education. The accreditation officially recognizes high standards in Culinary education and training at HTMi on an international level.

World Association of Chefs Societies Certificate HTMi Switzerland

Celebrating 15 years at HTMi, Mr Anthony Lack

To celebrate 15 years at HTMi, Mr Anthony Lack, Head of Events Education and Planning, is now the founder and President of HTMi International Events Association. The association will immediately become the coordinating body for international events held within HTMi Partners globally. The initial portfolio of event projects falling within the remit of the association are:

WHSC, World Hospitality Student Championships.
Internationalisation of the HTMi Research Conferences.
Masterclass global virtual tours.
Hotel events simulation training concepts for HTMi Partners.

Anthony Lack says, “looks forward to the next chapter of this extraordinary journey.” And as always, “Life is an Event, Live It, Love It”.

Congratulations to Mr Lack, after 15 years still taking it to new heights; “Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy.”


Master Class Global Tour 2020 – HTMi Partnerships

HTMi International Development Group is touring many international locations, live, online.

Mr Anthony Lack, Head of Events Education and Planning, HTMi Switzerland – Topic: “World of Events”
Chef Andreas Kurfurst, President HTMi International Culinary Association – Topic: “Food Future & Presentation Now”

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Volume One 2020 – HTMi Research Journals is now Online

Congratulations to the HTMi Research Support Group in successfully launched Volume 1 2020 of our two HTMi Student Journals, showcasing our high-quality student research work, in a wide variety of topics on the impact of hospitality from big data, eSports, hotel interior design and many more.

Our HTMi research journals are best viewed in Google Chrome, and congratulations in their publications to our many student researchers listed below:

The International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal

Vo Thi Lan Phuong
Prathulya Rajaram
Panka Demeter
Teodóra Taskovics

View https://www.sturesearch.ch/?cat=62

Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Student Journal

Nguyen Minh Tien
Nhi Hoang
Simon Lam
Myintmor Ko Lynn
Hien Anh Phung
Jade Phung
Luci Strcic
Quinn Nguyen Thuy Diem Quynh
Hein Wanna KoZein

View https://www.sturesearcher.ch/?cat=53


Employers are very satisfied with HTMi Students

HTMi’s Career Centre key objective for all students is “High Employer Satisfaction”. HTMi sees this as the key barometer of its reputation with employers.

During 2018 and 2019 HTM’s Research carried out qualitative and quantitative research by analysing the content of employer references given to students, and work evaluations required by HTMi. This research also looked at the progression over time. The key results are:

HTMi students are held in high regard by employers, with 86.3% of employers took the time to provide personalised references, while the rest were generic.

The most common forms of feedback recorded in employers’ references mentioned “ independence. , flexibility, politeness, punctuality, appropriate grooming, honesty and integrity,”

The words “ to our full satisfaction” and similar endorsements of HTMi students appear In over 80% of reference letters.

68.2 % of employers specifically mention in the references that they will in future be ready to rehire the students

HTMi provided all employers with a Likert scale and key criteria to rate overall satisfaction, the result is 5.3 overall out of a maximum 6. Overall 88.3% satisfaction level.

Research synopsis by Linda Quinn and Tudor Campan, HTMi Research Centre, November 2019

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