Institute of Hospitality re-accreditation of Ulster University

The Institute of Hospitality announces the successful re-accreditation of hospitality management programmes offered by University of Ulster.

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland offers the BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management in partnership with Ulster University.

You can read more about the report at the Institute of Hospitality news release here:

Check out the BSc programme here:


New Release – Russian International Protocol Forum 2019

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland’s Head of Events Education and Planning, Mr. Anthony Lack was invited as a speaker at the first edition of the Russian International Protocol Forum 2019 in Moscow, Russia. The topic of his presentation was “The Gap between Protocol and Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management Studies” and was part of a panel discussion focusing on Protocol Education Market review: where to study protocol and etiquette today.

The forum was organised by IQ Protocol and took place at the Skolkovo Innovation Center Moscow. The two-day forum consisted of 65 speakers and presenters during 15 sessions and panel discussions and was attended by over 455 participants.

Speakers consisted of Heads of executive office and chiefs of Protocol of federal and regional authorities, Chiefs of Protocol of large Russian and International corporations and companies and International and Russian experts in the field of Protocol, Etiquette and Cross-Cultural Communication and provided an excellent platform for business networking.

Mr.Vladislav Kitayev, Chief of Protocol of the President of the Russian Federation, opened the plenary session. ‘The world dynamics and the associated trends of globalization, informatization, and digitalization, are setting new requirements for Protocol today,’ said Mr.Kitaev. ‘It is becoming more dynamic, flexible, transparent, less standardized and more open’.

Pavel Zarubin, the Political Correspondent of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company, moderated the opening session, encouraging the Protocol experts as they stepped into their unusual roles of the plenary speakers.

On reflection, Mr. Lack said, “it was a great occasion to meet and network with so many high-profile experts in the fields of protocol, etiquette and cross-cultural communication from both Russia and internationally and amazing opportunity of learning”.


SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International – Managing Director

SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International – Appoints New Managing Director

We are delighted to announce that Vinoth Prakas is appointed Managing Director, SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International. Reporting to CEO, Mr Ian Larmour, Vinoth will focus on global business development plans for SHGI key brands: HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute; SEED Hotel Management and Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts. Vinoth will lead a team of business development, marketing and brand managers.

Following various successful roles mainly within HTMi, Vinoth will also manage government relations, and investor management for all brands within SHGI. This key executive appointment takes effect 1st July 2019.

SHGI Vision: To be a leader in nurturing and growing innovative Swiss hospitality brands.

SHGI Mission: To positively support the growth and quality of the hospitality industry.

On behalf of HTMi International Development Group and Swisstouches Hotels Vinoth key successes are:

As Director and Management Representative, established HTMi (Singapore) leading to 4 years EduTrust. As a member of HTMi International Development Group, he played a key role in establishing the following:

HTMi Australia;
HTMi Switzerland Dubai, and the ICO certification;
Swiss South Africa Apprenticeship Programme;
Partnership with Polytechnics Mauritius;
As Swisstouches Representative established SEED Hotel Management;
As HTMi Director established HTMi International Development Group Government Relations Dept.

Vinoth joins the board of SHGI.

SHGI will announce, further leadership, board and team appointments shortly.


HTMi International Development Group Steps Up Global Expansion – India

We are delighted to announce a major expansion plan in India, and HTMi Switzerland is delighted to form a new partnership with Kingston Educational Institute Kolkata (www.keical.edu.in). Kingston Educational Institute are one of the largest, longest established polytechnic education institutes in Kolkata, and are highly reputed in hospitality and management education.

HTMi Switzerland is delighted to partner with Kingston Educational Institute to provide both institute’s students and staff culture, education, work experience and research exchange, and to explore academic collaboration in subject areas: hospitality and culinary.

Congratulations to HTMi International Development Group’s Bernie Quinn and Vinoth Prakas for forging this exciting new partnership.


HTMi Switzerland Moving Forward – Congratulations to the Staff

CEO Mr Larmour hosts an HTMi Switzerland staff event to congratulate the staff team for all efforts, dedication and successes in steering HTMi Switzerland towards our vision of being “a leading hotel management institute in the world”. Our vision remains in place since 2009, and SHGI, Swiss Hospitality Group International, will support and accelerate HTMi Switzerland to achieve the vision.


HTMi Switzerland Campus Upgrade 2019

We are delighted to announce another major investment in the HTMi Switzerland campus. Currently underway we are renovating the main Swiss Alpine restaurant and connected accommodation, to be completed in Autumn this year.


Celebrating 20 years in Switzerland – 1999-2019

HTMi was founded in early 1990s in the United Kingdom by Prof. R. Larmour, and Ian Larmour. In 1999 HTMi moved to Switzerland, following Prof. R. Larmour location search (including Soerenberg), organisation and academic and university partnership setup. Prof. R. Larmour became HTMi’s Academic Dean for the first 3 semesters.

Today in 2019 HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland is a Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World.


Swiss – South African Apprenticeship Programme – HTMi Trainer Update

Swiss – South African Apprenticeship Programme – HTMi Trainer Dominik Update

On 26th April, the Swiss – South African Apprenticeship Programme SSHAP has been successfully launched.
SSHAP supported by The Swiss Embassy to South Africa, National Business Initiative (NBI) and HTMi had placed students in Johannesburg’s leading hotels: Park Inn Sandton, Hilton Sandton and Hyatt regency Rosebank.

This initiative provides South African youth with the opportunity to gain Swiss certification through hospitality education, but most importantly industry exposure within various departments of international hotel brands. The model is based upon the famous Swiss Dual System where young apprentices work, and then go to school 1- 2 days per week.

HTMi Switzerland is a proud partner in the SSHAP and wishes good luck to all young hospitality enthusiasts on their journey to become industry professionals. The SSHAP is a supporting programme for the South African Government strategy to get millions of unemployed South African Youth ready to work.


HTMi Switzerland Celebrates 22nd Student Research Conference

Around 100 student and staff delegates met last week in our Sörenberg campus to celebrate our 22nd student led research conference since its inception in 2008. The Spring 2019 conference was introduced by International Academic Director Mr. Bernie Quinn who welcomed delegates to a packed agenda that included international speakers from academia and the hotel industry as well as senior students from the school.

Themes from external speakers included contemporary service excellence and we were reminded from Ulster University’s Robert McKenna that service excellence is not the preserve of the 5-star hotel but is readily evidenced by small hospitality businesses that regularly deliver high quality service without recognition nor awards. At the other end of this scale, Miss Samantha K. Hamilton of the Dakota hotel group, UK spoke of the challenges of opening new high-end hotels and how in particular to recruit large numbers of appropriate staff within a short time span.

Student research provided a breath-taking range of subjects from medical tourism in Kerala to sustainable tourism in Mauritius, destination image and the Rohingya crisis, volunteer tourism in Kenya, social impacts on indigenous populations after mega events such as the world cup in Brazil and many more. Students impressed judging panels with their in-depth analysis of far-reaching hospitality and tourism phenomena and their focused lines of inquiry.

The conference was closed with awards made to all those who had contributed so admirably to this remarkable two-day event. Next conference will be in November 2019 and the main theme will be ‘Gastronomy and the importance of sustainable food policies.’ Watch out for more details coming here soon…

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