“Thanks to Mr. Manpreet Singh’s cheerful and polite manner, he was very popular with our international guests.”

Mr. Manpreet Singh, Food & Beverage Trainee at Astoria Luzern, Switzerland

We got to know Mr. Manpreet Singh as a responsible, interested and reliable employee. He quickly recognised the processes and interrelationships in his area of responsibility and settled in well. We would particularly like to emphasize his dedication to his work, his flexibility and the calm he always maintains in stressful situations. With his commitment, his professional behaviour, his performance and his sound knowledge, Mr. Singh has become an important team member and made a decisive contribution to the good course of business. He worked conscientiously and carefully and performed very well at all times. We could and always rely on him and trust him.


Number 1 Ranked UK Degree (Ulster University) in Switzerland @ HTMi

We are delighted to announce that Ulster University Hospitality and Tourism Management Department ranks the highest on many UK official rankings – well above all of the UK Universities delivering hospitality degrees delivered in Switzerland.

Four Hospitality and Leisure UK Rankings:

Rank No 3 National Student Survey 2019 for Tourism, Travel and Transport
Rank no 2 University League Tables – The Guardian 2020
Rank No 3 The Times/Sunday Times 2020
Rank No 4 The Complete University Guide 2020

Evidence is available from these open links, and the overall weighting of the 4 rankings cited above:





“We have cherished Mss. Gikonyo as a valuable employee who has been deeply committed to her responsibilities and the company.”

Ms. Katherine Gikonyo, Kitchen Trainee at Sheraton Zürich Hotel

We have cherished Ms. Gikonyo as a valuable employee who has been deeply committed to her responsibilities and the company. She has extensive knowledge and experience in her field. She quickly found her way around new tasks and put the knowledge she had acquired into practice in an exemplary manner.

The amount of work and the results were perfectly coordinated. Ms. Gikonyo also worked with a great concentration in the face of great challenges and performed consistently. Under stressful circumstances, she reacted with the necessary security.

Ms. Gikonyo was proactive and fully committed to her area of responsibility.
Her actions were thoughtful and responsible. She made decisions with great expertise and without question. Ms. Gikonyo informed supervisors about her own area of work, forwarded important information in good time and involved superiors in difficult situations.

She supported the cooperation in the team, worked to balance different views and appreciated different opinions and justified criticism as a suggestion. Thanks to her friendly and helpful manner, Ms. Gikonyo was equally recognized by superiors, employees and our demanding international guests.

Ms. Gikonyo leaves our house at the end of her internship at the HTMi. At this point, we would like to thank her for her very valuable commitment and wish her all the best, well-being and much success for her professional and private future.

The doors of our house are always open to Ms. Gikonyo.


HTMi in Mauritius – Rapid Growth

We are delighted to announce that the partnership with Polytechnics Mauritius Limited is a great success, with numbers of students soaring, the partnership is on the path to be the leading hospitality school in Mauritius.

Says Programme leader, Georges Soodeen “For a partnership to be successful each member needs to feel a sense of support and optimism about the collaboration, with HTMi we feel we have just this. Exceptional partnerships act as a catalyst for each member to grow and succeed, HTMi has been the catalyst for Polytechnics Mauritius Tourism and Hospitality campus to grow from strength to strength.” Georges Soodeen, PML

HTMi Mauritius

“Due to his friendly nature, Mr. Nguyen was popular and appreciated by guests as well as superiors and employees.”

Mr. (Dan) Minh Tien Nguyen, Room Service Trainee at the Baur au Lac

We got to know Mr. Nguyen as a self-employed, interested and very flexible trainee, who distinguished himself especially through his reliability and his impeccable appearance. His courtesy was of great benefit to him in the performance of his duties. He performed the tasks assigned to him promptly and exactly to our complete satisfaction.

Due to his friendly nature, Mr. Nguyen was popular and appreciated by guests as well as superiors and employees. We are pleased to be able to recommend him as a prospective professional.

Mr. Nguyen is leaving us today due to the end of his internship. We thank him for his support and wish him good luck and success in his professional and private future.


HTMi Saudi Arabia – Playing a Major Role in Vision 2030

As part of Vision 2030, plan to diversify the economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has invested resources in hospitality and tourism infrastructure and training. Investing in education and work placement of Saudi nationals is a part of National initiative to meet the expectations of international business and leisure traveller.

We are proud to announce the agreement signed between Human Resource Development Fund HRDF and The Higher Institute for Tourism and Hospitality HTMi Saudi Arabia took place on Thursday 12/03/2020 at 12:00 PM at the HRDF centre in Riyadh. The agreement will allow 600 students to enrol in HTMi programme and embark on the journey “come as a student, become a manager” and to be placed in the industry upon the completion of the program.

Human Resources Development Fund is a national fund aiming to develop a sustainable domestic workforce which will lead to increased competitiveness of the national workforce in both, public and private sector. As a motive to partner with HTMi, the fund has specialised in skill development and employment programs provided by industry leaders, highly qualified staff through advanced information systems to exceed the expectations of employers and customers.

To ensure skills and competencies meet the requirements of the ever-changing hospitality industry, students will engage in Swiss traditional learning methods where apart from theoretical knowledge, Saudi nationals will have the opportunity to engage in practical training using latest equipment and technology to prepare them for the working environment.

Good luck to all the students and we wish them a warm welcome to the hospitality and tourism industry.

HTMi Saudi Arabia


More First – Class Exam Results at BSc Degree Level

Our percentage of “first-class honours” results at University Ulster BSc Degree level, recorded at the exam board this week, rises to 25% of all students in the BSc cohort.

This first-class result is attributed to the excellence, hard work and dedication of all our students and staff.


“Aizhan was a committed, independent and responsible intern who had high quality standards and a sense of order”

Ms. Aizhan Kozhonova, Food & Beverage Trainee at the Atlantis By Giardino Hotel in Zürich.

We got to know Ms. Kozhonova as an extremely friendly, courteous and loyal person who left an exemplary impression.

In problematic situations, she was able to solve them in the spirit of the guest and the Giardino philosophy with the support of the division heads with very good results. She was also flexible, resilient and was able to adapt well to new situations and thus comply with our high Giardino quality standards and enable our guests to have an unforgettable stay.

Ms. Kozhonova always carried out the tasks entrusted to her efficiently, carefully, conscientiously and to our complete satisfaction. Her personal behavior towards superiors, teammates and guests was extremely friendly, helpful and courteous.

We would also like to mention that Ms. Kozhonova did cross-training in our event sales department and our F&B office in her spare time to gain an insight into various administrative activities. Ms. Kozhonova left us on December 31, 2019 at the end of her internship and continued her studies at the HTMi hotel school in Sörenberg.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her great commitment in the Atlantis by Giardino, and the entire team and wishes her all the best for the future, professionally and privately!


HTMi Accelerates Up QS World Ranking 2020 & Worlds “Top Ten” for “Employer Reputation”

In addition to our 2020 European EMCup ranking: “4th in Europe, 1st in Switzerland”, we are now delighted to announce our latest 2020 global QS University ranking for hospitality and leisure has leapt up to rank 17.

This rank shows the largest improvement of any school globally (including Switzerland) within the world’s 2019 top 25 universities for hospitality and leisure, with an amazing 32% improvement in rank 2020 compared to 2019.

An excellent result is HTMi has moved into the QS world’s “top ten” for “Employer Reputation”.

We are also delighted to announce that we remain well within “top 10” in Switzerland Hotel Schools.

We would like to thank all of our excellent students, teachers and international partners, for contributing to our global excellence in our HTMi vision to be a “Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World”.

HTMi International Development Group


HTMi in Kazakhstan – KSIT @ ATU Wins Top Award at National Level

Congratulations to the KSIT Team led by Galiya Utebekova, Director of Kazakh-Swiss Institute of Tourism, Catering and Hotel Business, KSIT.

The special award for developing cultural tourism, with a project lasting over 4 years, and is presented to KSIT at national level from the First President Fund. This is a top award in Kazakhstan, and is the second time the KSIT team have reached the national level for excellence after winning the
National Tourism Award in 2018.


HTMi в Казахстане – [email protected] получил награду на Республиканском уровне!

Поздравляем команду KSIT под руководством Галии Утебековой, директора Казахстанско-Швейцарского института туризма, ресторанного и гостиничного бизнеса при Алматинском технологическом университете.
Почетной грамотой за 4 года работы над проектом по сохранению культурного наследия и духовных основ для развития этно-туризма награжден KSIT на II республиканском конкурсе Фонда Первого Президента Елбасы. Эта высокая награда в Казахстане уже вторая, которую получает KSIT на национальном уровне, после награды «National Tourism Award» в 2018г.


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