HTMi Graduate Michael Kurfurst


My name is Michael Kurfürst from Germany.

I was lucky to study successfully at HTMi Switzerland in 2012 to 2014 and graduated as MIT. (Manager-in-Training)

In 2014 I moved to the UK to work at the Hamyard Hotel, an exclusive 5 Star Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of the West End, in the center of London.

I knew that it would a long and difficult road to success but my time at HTMi taught me how to stay professional and to be resilient no matter what. Starting as a cocktail waiter, I have since then been promoted twice to now Head Bartender, running a team of 15 Bartenders.

I’ve also won several national cocktail competitions, and have been featured in Imbibe Magazine with my cocktail creations.

Studying at HTMi prepared me for a successful career in the Hospitality Industry, for which I am ever so grateful.

I wish all future students of HTMi

Best of Luck, to work hard and study even harder.

Your pay-off will come, as it has for me.

Never stop learning, seek inspiration everywhere, and your future will be bright.




Congratulations to HTMi Graduate Laszlo Nagy

Laszlo has been employed for three years with Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts in China and then HTMi in Switzerland

During that time Laszlo has developed his skills to become a very competent manager in the hospitality industry. Recently Laszlo started his own business , and is now, as part of that, is helping HTMi develop its brands internationally.

Powered by HTMi, Laszlo, Business Advisor, now joins our newly formed Business Development Dept. reporting to the HTMi International Development Group.

Ian Larmour , Managing Director : “ As an employer we were very satisfied with Laszlo and his results, and now we are happy to support him with his new business”

HTMi International Development Group


Graduate Story – Liu Yang

Hello everyone. Welcome to the HTMi family! I am Liu, currently working as Assistant Manager Learning of Hyatt Place Dubai Hotels.  Prior to this wonderful journey with Hyatt, I spent some fruitful and memorable years in HTMi Switzerland pursuing my Bachelor Degree, participating in the Management Training Program, working as a Research Assistant, and very importantly making friends with fellow students from all around the world.
HTMi helped me gain the essential industry knowledge and skills and provided me with a diverse, multicultural environment to cultivate an open mind which I believe is not only essential for a successful career path but also for building long-term, healthy relationships both professionally and personally.  The great amount of support shown by the faculty, in particular from the lecturers is something that I am especially grateful for.
Enjoy your HTMi adventure, learn as much as possible, make friends, build connections and have fun in the Swiss Alps!

HTMi Graduate Stelian Babu

“Hi, my name is Stelian Babu, I’m originally from Romania and graduated with my BSc successfully from HTMi Switzerland in December 2012. Since then my career took quite a few turns. I started off in sunny Dubai as Front Desk Agent at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre, where I got promoted to Night Audit Team Leader after 12 months.

With the beginning of 2016 I got the opportunity to join the Westin Abu Dhabi as Duty Manager, which taught me a lot and prepared me for my current position as Guest Relation Manager at the Grosvenor House, JW Marriott London. The Grosvenor House is the flagship hotel of Marriott in the entire Europe region. It is one of the largest properties in central London with 500 rooms and a world-renowned hotel which also has the largest meeting space in UK, yearly hosting international events like BAFTA Awards, Premier League Football Awards, Pride of England and many many more.”


Graduate Cody – Swisstouches experience

“Miss Cody Dulthummon showed her professional attitude from day 1, she displayed a hospitality approach whereby our family member’s and our guest’s alike had her undivided attention. During her time with Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing she was involved with training on brand standard, English conversation and F&B service.
Miss Cody’s ” can do attitude” deserves a special mention. Our guest praise Codi to the highest level for her display of hospitality professionalism. “

Kind regards,

Uwe Lohage | General Manager | Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing |
“Choosing our very first job is challenging as the right one will kick start our career. Swisstouches is my choice. Luckily, my choice allows me to discover the industry from different angles, leading me to different and challenging experiences. I have the chance to work with an organization that has a strong company culture, acting in integrity and which gives importance to its employees calling themselves ‘’family member’’. This is where my experience at Swisstouches made its commencement.


Successful companies have leaders who empower, motivate and lead by examples. At Swisstouches, much is being learnt, as one is surrounded with such front-runners and where teamwork plays a substantial role, enabling the company to thrust forward.

Swisstouches provides me with interesting and yet challenging projects, enabling me to develop my skills and knowledge. One of the projects in which I got involved, was to assist the Swisstouches Nanjing for their grand opening. It was a great opportunity to understand the start off of a hotel and understand the set-up of such operations. Being associated with effective and exemplary leaders provides an insight of how a learning organization is generated by training, developing and retaining talented members.

From my point of view, the factors associated to a fast career growth are not only the opportunities you get, but also the leaders assisting you along the way. With all the knowledge and expertise being acquired while walking with Swisstouches, one will fully be fledged and prepared to serve the hospitality industry. “


Cody Dulthummon, Brand Manager Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts


Pictured: Swisstouches Front Office Team Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing

Mr Uwe Lohange, General Manager, Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing

Pictured right of Mr. Lohange, Ms. Cody Dulthummon, Brand Manager


Poom – Thailand Graduate Success in Academic Excellence

When we hear anyone mentioning a successful career in the hospitality and tourism industry, the majority of us may immediately think of some sorts of supervisory positions, starting with full-time manager up to the very top executive post. Yet, this article is not another success story of a General Manager at a 5-star property somewhere on the Galapagos Islands, but a former HTMi student who found his own road to success.
Kiattipoom (Poom) Kiatkawsin, from Thailand and a former restaurant manager in Nürnberg, Germany joined the HTMi family back in 2012. He studied the Post-graduate Diploma in Events Management. After, he went on to a successful internship with one of Switzerland’s largest conference organisers – CONGREX.
Poom attained his first academic experience in the Research Assistant role at HTMi, which he undertook straight after his MSc semester. This meant a lot of pressure. He had to allocate time and effort in writing his dissertation and assisting other students with their research simultaneously.
After three years of hard work and commitment, he successfully defended his PhD Thesis titled: “Seeking Prestige at Michelin-starred Restaurants – An Interdisciplinary Investigation of Luxury Restaurant-consumer Behaviours”. Furthermore, during his time as a PhD student, he published articles in top-tier hospitality and management journals such as Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management, and Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, among others.
He also won several awards at international conferences, including distinguished paper awards at the Academy of Global Hospitality and Tourism Conference in 2017 and excellent paper award at the World Conference on Hospitality, Tourism and Event Research (WHTER) and the International Convention and Expo Summit (ICES) in 2015. Despite these accomplishments, Poom said, “I never thought about a career in academia before. HTMi surely contributed significantly to where I am today”.
Now Poom is Assistant Professor at Sejong University in Korea, a research university whose hospitality and tourism research centre is top rated by the country’s research foundations. Poom always advocates that, “HTMi is not just laying a path to work at hotels but also paths for those who would like an alternative career in hospitality and tourism such as in academia. HTMi is capable and willing to support everyone inside the hospitality and tourism discipline”.

Aishah Siti – HTMi Graduate Success in Singapore

HTMi International Development Group congratulates Aishah for her very valuable contribution and skill shown in successfully achieving the EduTrust certification. Aishah is an excellent ambassador, team player , and goal focused member of HTMi (Singapore) . As a direct result of her achievements and her strong support to achieve our EduTrust certification, Aishah is now promoted to become HTMi (Singapore) Recruitment and Career Manager. This new role is designed to lead to a strong follow through in the students development from the time they are recruited to the time when HTMi ( Singapore ) assists with Career Work Experience in Singapore , and finally to establish many career starts for HTMi (Singapore) graduates. Good luck Aishah to establish the HTMi (Singapore ) Career Centre. Aishah also has ascended to the role of Deputy Director.

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