“Lost in Space at HTMi” the 26th International Gala Event Fall 2019

The 26th International Gala Event, held on Friday, 29th November 2019 is one of the most important events organised by the Higher Diploma students under the leadership of the Centre for Events Management at HTMi. During this semester our current Higher Diploma class succeeded in planning managing and executing an unforgettable evening enjoyed by highly respected guests from international embassies to Switzerland, industry partners, the local community, staff members and student body. For one day HTMi was turned into a galaxy where the guests were “Lost in Space”.

Upon arrival guests found themselves in a rocket taken off to Space surrounded by beautiful created planets enjoying the galaxy full with starts accompanied by astronomic canapés and a glass of champagne. The next journey was awaiting inside the newly renovated Alpine restaurant where guest were directed to by the Design and Decoration team forming a path along the red carpet holding sparklers illustrating the move through the milkyway. Finally arriving to the final destination, the guests were “Lost in Space” experiencing a gourmet five-course dinner, entertained by Kira and her little brother’s (Emmet) story. During this magical evening the entertainment team provided guests with theatre, dancing and music from the one and only HTMi live band.

The HTMi Events Centre would like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen of HTMi for their hard work, dedication, commitment, support and tireless effort in making this International Gala Event such an enjoyable, successful and memorable evening. A final thank you goes to Chef Andreas Kurfürst, Chef Oliver Künzli and their team of culinary chefs, Madame Michele Schuster, Food & Beverage Manager and Mr. Sergej Jezelev, Operations Manager for their constant and incredible support.

This semester HTMi was proud to support “UNICEF-for every child”. Where the organisation staffers fight for the rights of every child seeking safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflicts, and equality. During the evening a blind bidding followed by an auction was held to raise much needed funds and we would like to thank you sponsors of the Kempinski Hotel Budapest, Monastery Boutique Hotel Budapest, Bellezza Coiffeur & Nail Sörenberg, Hotel Villa Honegg and Bürgenstock Hotels & Resorts for their donation of prizes.

HTMi Centre for Events Management, December 2019


News Release – HTMi Switzerland Supports Embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic in Celebration of Velvet Revolution

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland joins the Embassies of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution.

On Tuesday, 19th November 2019 HTMi Switzerland was proud once again to support the two embassies by sending our Slovak and Czech young ambassadors to support their event held at the Town Hall in Bern. The venue is a very historic building in the Swiss capital city and is the political centre of the government of the canton and city of Bern. The event was held to mark the 30-year anniversary of the Velvet or Gentle Revolution. A significant event in both nations where students and elders stood up in a non-violent way and saw a peaceful transition of power to a free and democratic country.

Our students once again displayed the highest levels of hospitality and professionalism and we thank them for their support. HTMi Switzerland also thanks the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic for our long-standing partnership in supporting their many diplomatic events each year.

Pictured with our students are Her Excellency Madam Ambassador Kateřina Fialková of the Czech Republic (far left) and Her Excellency Madam Andrea Elschekova Matisove of the Slovak Republic Embassy (far right).

Anthony Lack, HTMi Head of Events Education and Planning, November 2019


News Release – HTMi Switzerland’s Successful 23rd International Research Conference

HTMi Switzerland saw the closure of another highly successful 23rd International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference that took place took on place 21st and 22nd November 2019 at our campus in beautiful Sörenberg. The theme of the conference was “Gastronomy and the importance of sustainable food policies”.

The dynamics of the hospitality and tourism industry are shifting rapidly. As the sector strives to become more sustainable, there is a need of more research in the area. Leading by example, the 23rd International Research Conference organised by HTMi focused on gastronomy and sustainable food policies. Over 110 students and staff met last week to discuss, share and work together on this vital topic. Renowned industry leaders and academics well versed in sustainability practices joined the students and staff.

Dr. Sinead Furey of Ulster University, Northern Ireland also contributed to the sustainability theme with an excellent presentation that explored the various facets of food poverty and offered some interesting solutions that had the audience thinking further about food waste.

Mr. Beppo Buchanan Smith of Ardfin Consultants Scotland spoke of the challenges associated with setting up a new 5 star luxury hotel that has just been built on a remote Scottish Island. Mr Buchannan Smith spoke of licensing issues, development of a new brand, marketing, recruitment and a myriad of other associated challenges.

Mr. Cesidio I Ciaccia – introduced us to an ambitious regeneration programme that he is leading in the town of Picinisco in the Lazio region of Italy. He showed us how a centuries old building could be redeveloped to suit contemporary needs to set up a school of gastronomy and redevelop indigenous grapes to produce a range of top quality wines.

Ms. Mattie Yeta, Lead on Sustainability, of the UK governments DEFRA (Department for the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs) spoke passionately of Sustainability issues and how we as individuals can make a difference in our daily lives that will provide a collective impact on some climate change concerns.

Mrs. Anita Robbin lecturer in home economics in Switzerland spoke of a backpack for life and her discourse explained how young people can be taught better ways to manage their food, cooking and reduce waste. This was a thoughtful presentation that made us consider the efforts made to produce some foodstuffs that are not sustainable and the message was, its not too late to change our eating habits.

The conference also gave our MSc. and BSc. students the opportunity to present their own research topics to an audience of international academics and industry professionals. We would like to thank all our guest speakers and our BSc. and MSc. students for creating an inspiring and educational environment to learn more about the combination between research and the hospitality industry.

Bernie Quinn, PFHEA, HTMi International Academic Director, November 2019


SSHAP Moves Forward – Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme – South Africa

SSHAP Moves Forward – Swiss South African Apprenticeship Programme – South Africa

H.E. Swiss Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. Nicolas Bruehl, presented the HTMi Certificates to the first cohort of Apprentices, who successfully completed the dual system apprenticeship programme in leading hotels in Johannesburg. The second group of apprentices is now being selected, and a scaling-up plan in progress. This initiative to get large numbers of unemployed youth into jobs in the hospitality industry is being driven by the Swiss Embassy in South Africa, the NBI, National Business Initiative South Africa, HTMi Swizterland, and supported by Hilton, Hyatt and Park Inn in South Africa.

Commended are HTMi’s international support team: Bernie Quinn, Vinoth Prakas, Dominik Krizan, Jon Lim and Nishant Suri.

Ian Larmour CEO
November 2019


HTMi Switzerland Welcomes New External Examiner

Jane Welbourn has over 15 years’ experience as an academic and leadership and development consultant working at Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University. She is currently the Course Director for In-Company degrees, Degree Apprenticeships and the BSc Business Management Practice, working with industry practitioners in the Events, Hospitality and Tourism industry. These degree programme enable students to develop into confident and capable leadership and management professionals.

Jane is published in the field of workforce development and employability with research interests in international human resource management, specifically, recruitment, selection, and employability of the events, tourism and hospitality workforce.

Jane has a wide range of teaching experiences in multi-cultural contexts. Her expertise includes topics such as International Strategic Human Resource Management, Talent Management, and Event Workforce Planning, Global Business Perspectives, Continual Professional Development and the Global Hospitality Industry. She has taught students in China, India, and Qatar. Jane has worked closely over the past 4 years with the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of the Qatar World Cup 2022 delivering hospitality and event management programmes, specifically the feminisation of the workforce. Jane has also worked closely, since 1997, with the Senior Management team of Emirates Flight Catering Company (EKFC) based in Dubai, managing a temporary, multicultural workforce, during the international air show – 1997 -2009. She has a proven track record for designing and delivering interactive and flexible material aimed at diverse multicultural, international audiences.

As part of the consultancy work undertaken she has developed and delivered a diverse range of leadership and development programmes for companies such as Hilton, Ramada, Malmaison, Intercontinental Hotel Group.


HTMi Welcomes Professor Emerita Bamber to the HTMi Academic Board

Professor Roni Bamber:

Roni is Professor Emerita of Higher Education at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her bachelor’s degree was from St Andrews University, her MBA from Cardiff, and her PhD from Lancaster. She has over 30 years’ experience working as an academic in UK higher education, in six universities around the UK, and has been External Examiner in another seven institutions.

Roni has undertaken several roles nationally, leading academic enhancement initiatives across Scotland. She was Chair (2014-17) of the Scotland-wide Enhancement Theme on Student Transitions (https://www.enhancementthemes.ac.uk/completed-enhancement-themes/student-transitions/inter-institutional-collaboration). Previously, she was Chair of the national Learning from International Practice in the Taught Postgraduate Student Experience project (https://www.qaa.ac.uk/scotland/development-projects/learning-from-international-practice/taught-postgraduate-student-experience). She has also worked internationally across Europe, the Middle East, India and Nepal, both in academic enhancement and faculty development.

Roni’s research (https://eresearch.qmu.ac.uk/browse?type=author&value=Bamber%2C+Veronica) focus has been on managing enhancement within universities, and how we can support staff to continuously improve the student experience.


Mr. (Simon) Chiu Chi Lam, Housekeeping Trainee at InterContinental, Davos

We appreciated Mr. Lam as a diligent, interested and courteous intern, who always carried out the tasks assigned to him independently and to our best satisfaction. Due to his quick comprehension and willingness to learn, Mr. Lam quickly familiarized himself with his field of work. He has good specialist knowledge and used it safely and purposefully in practice at all times.
Mr. Lam was characterized by his professionalism and ability to work in a team. Through his interest and love for detail, he quickly acquired standards and trained his colleagues. If the business situation so required, it was always natural for Mr. Lam to work far beyond the normal working hours. We would particularly like to emphasize his motivation and commitment, which he demonstrated at many special events, such as the World Economic Forum. Due to his reliable manner, Mr. Lam was an important contact person for various delegations during the annual World Economic Forum.


HTMi Certified Training Centre Expands in China

Since its launch in October, we have now opened another centre and we will open more during 2019.

Starting with 50, we have now enrolled over 200 family members and expect to reach a target of 500 enrolments by end of 2019. These Swisstouches Family members will be following HTMi certified professional hospitality courses jointly awarded by HTMi and Swisstouches.


HTMi (Singapore) Launches “Become a Global Hotelier Programme”

Amazing value for money Swiss Hospitality education and a journey around the world, supported by HTMi Career Centres globally.

Students of this programme start studying Swiss Hospitality management education in Asia, most modern and thriving hospitality hub, Amazing Singapore, in HTMi’s beautiful modern city campus a few minutes from the world-famous Orchard Road. Students will get the Swiss hospitality education, training, and career experience opportunities internationally or in Singapore. On successful completion of HTMi (Singapore) Diploma or Advanced Diploma, students can transfer to HTMi Switzerland.

Students with advanced diploma will enter HTMi Switzerland, a leading hotel management institute in the world located in our beautiful UNESCO biosphere, with advanced standing ready to complete their Bachelor Degree, and a Swiss internship, before joining our leading international placement service, and supported by membership of our lifelong Hosco platform linking students to 45000 + employers for a lifetime.

The Global Hotelier pathway continues into career start opportunities to USA, Middle East, or to South East Asia through our network of leading global hospitality employers, including our sister brand Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts.

To enrol in this wonderful, amazing value opportunity, connect with us at htmi.sg


Marriott International Asia Pacific visit to HTMi (Singapore)

On 15th October 2019 senior members of Marriott Asia Pacific visited Hotel & Tourism Management Students at HTMi (Singapore) to present the excellent career opportunities that are currently available.

Marriott has been a global success for some nine decades now with 30 brands, over 7000 properties, and with more in pipeline development. The Marriott name is easily recognizable across 131 countries and with an annual turnover in excess of $20 billion USD, it is easy to understand why the Brand works so hard on customer retention and therefore selecting, training and continuous development of their staff is a core principle across all levels.

Visiting HTMi (Singapore) was Ms. Matilda Chen (Talent Acquisition & Workforce Planning Manager) and Ms. Yvonne Zhou (Human Resources Officer) to conduct a live, multi-campus virtual career counseling session from Singapore to Switzerland, Dubai, and Mauritius. All students were briefed by Matilda and Yvonne about the various career opportunities they have available to them in the Asia-Pacific region, for an exciting path to begin their career in the hospitality & tourism industry, including The Voyage Global Leadership Development Program.

Students in HTMi (Singapore) enjoyed participating in the Marriott quiz to show their knowledge about the hospitality and tourism giant. From all of us in HTMi (Singapore), thank you Miss Matilda and Miss Yvonne for your inspiring visit, and we look forward to seeing you in various parts of the world again very soon!

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