We are delighted to announce that Professor Russell Rimmer is appointed as Advisor to HTMi Singapore

We are delighted to announce that Professor Russell Rimmer is appointed as  Advisor to HTMi (Singapore). Prof Rimmer is an internationally renowned researcher and educator and is Professor of Research Development at HTMi  He has been a researcher and teacher in the areas of economics, hospitality  and education for 30 years.  His experience is with universities and colleges in Switzerland, the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

In Russell’s role with Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Scotland, he had responsibility for delivery of programmes via East Asia School of Business (EASB) in Singapore. He regularly visited EASB over three years to meet staff, students and conduct examination panels. In this role, Professor Rimmer assured the smooth running of interactions between staff of QMU and EASB, the quality of delivery and the training of staff. He is delighted to take up this new role helping HTMi (Singapore) with its long term vision of being a Leading Hotel Management Institute in Singapore


HTMi Partners with Uniagustiniana: Universitaria Agustiniana, Colombia.

HTMi Switzerland is very happy to share another great update in the development of our international relations. We were very pleased to sign an important academic relationship with the Universitaria Agustiniana Uniagustiniana, Colombia.  HTMi signed the agreement with Mr. Herbert Orlando Valencia, Academic Vice-president of UAU.

This new collaboration is strongly supported by the Colombian Government and we are very honoured to have present and witnessing the signing Mr. Julián Jaramillo, Ambassador for the Embassy of Colombia, and María Andrea Torres Moreno, Counsellor-Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Colombia. This academic relationship will open up many new and exciting opportunities for Colombian students.

– HTMi International Development Group – South America Division


HTMi Partnership KMITL Thailand

On 1st June 2017 HTMi is delighted to attend the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony with one of Thailand’s largest educational institutes, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok Thailand. This MOU is the launch of a wide-ranging partnership to advance more hospitality and tourism education within KMITL and to support the important hotel and tourism industry in Thailand. Mr Ian R J Larmour Managing Director of Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland and Prof. Dr. Suchatvee Suwansawat, President of KMITL signed the MOU.

We are delighted to form this partnership with KMITL, one of Thailand’s largest and most prestigious Institutes, at the centre of the most important international hotel and tourism industry in Thailand to help many young people to have successful careers.

Prof. Dr. Suchatvee mentioned, the hospitality and tourism industry is an important contributor to the economic development of Thailand, both in terms of revenue generation and jobs creation. Furthermore, KMITL’s commitment to the development of the new degree program in tourism and hospitality will be fully supported by HTMi. We shall fully support all KMITL students with opportunities to broaden their horizons in hospitality and continue their studies in Switzerland and our other campuses and programmes around the world.

– HTMi International Development Group, Media Centre


Our BSc Students Eugene & Charles Share Their HTMi Stories.

Pictured: Charles (left), Eugene (right)

Charles Lee:

My name is Charles from Singapore. HTMi Singapore has been a great starting place which have kick-start my career in the hotel industry. Even though, in the beginning having contemplated if i should join the School. I was glad that i had joined the school. Moving to my experience in Switzerland.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” quotes from the philosopher Augustin is one motivation why I came out of Singapore to go see the world and expose myself. The Swiss education in HTMi is the opportunity to see the world. The HTMi Journey has exposed myself to different cultures from all over the world but more importantly, it is a journey to discover who I am. As much as studies are very important, I really treasure each and every friend who I have to spend my time here within this semester. In my most heartfelt ways, I appreciate each and every teachers and staff in HTMi that have helped me. I look forward to my next internship in Swissôtel in Zürich as an F&B trainee.The internship will definitely be exceptional fun and enriching one that I hope will not only give me the experience but the memories that I can be proud of. Thank you.


Eugene Koh:

I am Eugene Koh, currently pursuing my Bachelors of Science Degree at HTMi Switzerland. Before heading to Switzerland I was already in touched with the industry as I have worked at several hotels in Singapore, where I worked in the kitchen; from banquets kitchens all the way to Michelin-starred kitchens, but soon after I realised that kitchen and its operations are just a small sector of the whole hotel experience, so I decided to widen my knowledge by choosing a reputable and reliable school which could supply me with not just knowledge but also opportunities to apply the knowledge in real life situations. Thus, I started my journey of finding a school which offers me that.

I came across many reputable international schools during my journey. After considering multiple schools and looking at the recognition of the certificate and other factors, HTMi’s brand kept popping up in my mind and telling me that it is the right institute for me to pursue my further education. So I started off my journey at HTMi Singapore. During my time there, I obtained a Higher Diploma in International Hospitality Management. I was told by my instructor which are friends after school hours, that I should pursue my further education at HTMi Switzerland. I had my doubts as it was my first time travelling out of my home country Singapore and putting myself in an International environment, although I have heard from many of my friends and colleagues that Switzerland is a country where hospitality schools are reputable and the certificate from the country is widely accepted and treasured. So, after much consideration, I told myself “why not? What is the worst that could happen?”. During this critical duration of my decision, HTMi Singapore informed me that we are coming to HTMi Switzerland for a study trip, and I could see for myself the school, its facilities and allowing to feel whether if this school is right for me.

After the study trip, I was blown away as to how professional everyone was, they dressed well, talked professionally, and most importantly the relationship between lecturers and students are very close, and I appreciate that a lot.

As of today, I never regretted coming to an international school and coming to HTMi Switzerland for my education, I am supported by my lectures and close friends all the time during school hours and even after school hours on my studies and personal matters. During one time, I was struggling to get comfortable with my classmates as it was my first time in an international environment but I was advised to break away from my own bubble and fully open myself to experiences. I really appreciate the time and effort my lecturers have put into my personal development, although they were strict at times, I could understand their rationale and it provides me with a continuous challenge to further improve myself.

At the moment of writing this passage, I am left with 3 weeks towards the completion of my Bachelors. To be very honest, I will really miss this school, the environment and the things I have taken away from it.

Looking forward, from the support by the school’s career center, I got the opportunity to have my internship at Marriott Zürich as an Executive Lounge Trainee. I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead of me and also further looking forward to using what I have learned from school to apply to the industry.

Thank you once again to HTMi for guidance towards my personal growth in character and education.


Exploring the Swiss Viticulture in the beautiful area of Stein am Rhein

As part of the Academic program, we have taken our Diploma students to visit a typical Swiss Vineyard and learn about viticulture and vinification practices.

This was an excellent occasion for the students to learn about the opportunities and challenges winemakers are dealing with every year. In particular, this year`s winterkill which has caused an enormous damage throughout Swiss and European vineyards.

After finishing with the academic program, the students had the chance to try some of the finest wines as the courtesy of the Glesti winery, followed by a barbecue and a visit to the beautiful small Swiss town Stein am Rhein.

We would like to sincerely thank the Glesti family for welcoming us to their vineyard and for the great hospitality.


More about this years winter kill in the vineyard:



HTMi International is Happy to Announce an Important Relationship Contract with the East European University Tbilisi, Georgia.

HTMi Switzerland is very happy to share another great update in the development of our international relations. At our Biannual Gala Event we are proud to welcome Ambassadors, Diplomats, Industry leaders and invited guests to our Campus in Sörenberg. At our most recent event we were very pleased to sign an important academic relationship with the East European University Tbilisi, Georgia  Our Managing Director Mr. Ian Larmour signed the agreement with Dr. David Cherkezishvili, Rector and Dr. Shalva Machavariani, Vice-Rector.

This new collaboration is strongly supported by the Georgian Government and we are very honoured to have present and witnessing the signing Mr. Ilia Marjanidze, Senior Council for the Embassy of Georgia, Bern. This academic relationship will open up many new and exciting opportunities for Georgian students.

(From left to right: Mr. Vinoth Prakas, Dr. Shalva Machavariani, Mr. Ian Larmour, Mr. Ilia Marjanidze, Dr. David Cherkezishvili, Mrs. Nona  Marjanidze)


HTMi Student Roshan Joshua Abraham Shares His Story

My name is Roshan Joshua Abraham. However, at HTMi grounds, I am often referred and called to simply as Joshua. I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have always had an interest in hospitality and culinary arts.  Upon graduating high school back in 2014, I enrolled in the Malaysian Campus of Le Cordon Bleu. When I graduated the course, I realised I wanted to further my studies in the field of hospitality and management. That is where HTMi came in. I had previously come across HTMi and its relevant modules and beautiful setting in Sörenberg way back when I was 15 and even then had thought that study in Switzerland took root then. I recalled my fascination with HTMi and realised that study there would benefit me greatly.

I joined the institute back in January 2016 the spring semester. It has been such whirlwind yet steep learning curve. I have learnt and gained so much awareness in study and living and I still continue to do so everyday. My first internship was an F&B/ housekeeping cross training.  This experience enabled me to witness first hand how an establishment functions and it was all thanks to HTMi and their resourceful career centre.  The staff and teachers are extremely helpful and consistently encourage me to hone my craft in order to prepare me for the real world (which I will be joining very shortly).  I am about to commence my second internship shortly at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Florida, for a culinary trainee position.

I look forward to applying new skills for when I return to HTMi and eventually to my future work endeavours. It is a fun and friendly environment here and I know all students leave here with an unforgettable experience!


HTMi Baking and Pastry Arts Student Atika Rahma Shares Her Story

I am Atika Rahma, and I came from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. I lived in Jakarta since I was born until I turned 16 years old. All my life I’ve had the goal is to become a well-known pastry chef and own a famous restaurant in my own country. Baking and Pastry always took place in my heart since I was six years old, that is why later then I decided to move from Jakarta to the neighbouring> country Singapore. After finishing my ten years of formal education in Jakarta, I moved to Singapore to study in Pastry and Baking for almost two years. Also in Singapore I completed a seven month long internship as a pastry trainee in the Shangri-La Hotel. It was a very interesting and challenging journey. I got the chance of working in two stations: production kitchen, and cake shop station, where I was chosen to become the person in-charge for three weeks in a row. In addition, I had another kitchen experience that took place in Mercure Hotel Jakarta. I was there for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2015. After I finished my Diploma studies in Singapore, I decided to move to Switzerland to further my education and gain bachelor certificate. I chose HTMi because HTMi is a very good school for hospitality, tourism, culinary and pastry. HTMi is located in Sörenberg, Switzerland which is known to have the best hospitality industry in the world over the past few years. In the past four months that I have been here, I have learned a lot of things and also gained valuable new experiences. I really like this school. The teachers are very helpful, the students are very warm and diverse which. It is great to learn about everyone’s cultures. I believe that HTMi will lead me to a bright future ahead and I really looking forward to gaining a new internship experience in a Swiss Hotel. I look forward to continuing my studies over the next two years then I can go back to my home country with the knowledge that I earned, and eventually make my dream come true; open my own restaurant and give job opportunities to people in my country who have the same passion as I do.


HTMi Research TV – First Class Honours – The Road to Success.


Charles Hains, Academic Director and Martin Jost, Head of Research at HTMi together with two BSc graduate students, Lilly Szabo and Michelle Georgieva discuss the challenges of achieving a First Class Honours degree from Ulster University.

Please visit the HTMi International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal website (www.sturesearch.ch) to view some of the outstanding research papers which achieved a First Class Award.


Thanks to the participants of the PIDE Panel Discussion

It has become a tradition at HTMi Switzerland to invite renowned guests from the hospitality field to come and visit our campus in Sörenberg and provide our students the latest insights from the industry and suggestions for their future careers.

This semester the event took the form of a Panel Discussion, as part of the Professional Image and Development Event (PIDE). Five hospitality professionals debated various aspects around one of the most controversial topics nowadays: “The Millennials”. Ideas such as the Millennials as travellers, as employees, as well as their career aspirations and expectations have been intensely discussed while carefully listening and analysing the views of the industry and of the students.

At the end of the discussion, some very interesting aspects about Millennials within the hospitality industry have been debated. For sure this will benefit our students in their careers, as well as in their future workplaces. We would like to share our gratitude to our guests who participated in the panel discussion:

The Career Centre is looking forward to continue providing the most updated news and trends directly from the industry, so we inspire our HTMi students on the way to becoming future hospitality leaders.

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