Dear future HTMI family members,

Before coming to HTMI, I used to be in a University in France studying History of Arts majoring in Photography. Then I realized that I wanted to build myself a career in the Events Industry and decided to come from France to beautiful Soerenberg to be a hospitality student.I’m currently studying the BSc (Hons) course here at HTMI and it’s sadly my last semester here. Being a part of the HTMI family for the past 3 years has given me more than taking away from me. The enthusiasm of the management, the warmth of the students, the beautiful environment. It’s actually everything that a person could wish for.

For something to be inspiring, it has to stir emotions. It has to make one realize the potential within them and what they would wish to achieve. HTMI’s strategy in blending theory and practical, giving the students the chance to go on internships, supporting them to build and learn skills, have a professional attitude at all times and most importantly drive them away from their comfort zone. This is the outstanding system that is established here. It gives you the skills and knowledge but at the same time the professionalism to execute them.

I will be graduating this year however I made memories here that I will keep with me, a lifetime friendships that will cross paths no matter where I’ll go.

For giving us that HTMI will always have my gratitude and appreciation.

Ceyda Denk