Gulnar Sadi – Kazakhstan – Higher Diploma

My name is Gulnar and I am from Kazakhstan. I started my study at HTMi in January 2011 and I am currently doing my Higher Diploma course. This is my 3rd semester in HTMi, therefore this place became for me as a home. When I first arrived at HTMi I felt confused and anxious, but everyone was very friendly and helped me to get accustomed to a new place.

School is located in a wonderful place with a magnificent view of the mountains, where students can fully concentrate on their studies without being distracted. In order to provide students impeccable knowledge, HTMi uses the latest technology, which makes the learning process more interesting and efficient. Training is also one of the best parts of the learning process. First of all, it allows students to use theoretical knowledge in practice and secondly, during internship it helps student feel more confident and to be more productive. Furthermore, due to multicultural ambiance, I came to know many international students and it opened up my mind to another sector and gave me more opportunities to make new friends from all over the world. Also, not forgetting the improvement of my language and communication skills.

Life at HTMi is always interesting and joyful because it has many events, which are organised by students, such as International night, Mr and Ms HTMi, wedding event and different types of theme parties. It allows students not only to enjoy the event, but it also helps to get theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Now I am really happy to be able to study at HTMi and I can certainly say that I am very proud to be a student at one of the leading hospitality schools in Switzerland.

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Aleksandr Gorbenko – Lithuania – PGD

My name is Aleksandr Gorbenko, I am from Latvia / Lithuania and I just started my Certificate Course here, at HTMi. While studying in school I have already decided to dedicate my future life to the Hospitality Industry. Since I have heard about HTMi for the first time I never stopped dreaming about my being here. On the 23th of January 2010 my dream came true and now I am a student of this institute.

My first day here – fantastic, every day here I feel like that. Every day I find something new about this place, which fascinates me. Atmosphere in the whole town cannot be described in words. The town of S?renberg is surrounded by a snowy mountain range…spectacular nature views like ours here leave a deep impression on anyone. People who are leaving here are very friendly. The atmosphere inside HTMi is very warm and family-like. It creates the feeling that you are actually at home.

HTMi’s motto is: “Come as a student, leave as a manager”. Education System is very thoroughly thoughtful here. The ideal balance is found between academic knowledge and practice. Students can study and then immediately apply gathered knowledge into practise. The campuses we live in are hotels, so while we are here – we are working, studying, living in a real hotel. This system gives the opportunity to understand more clearly the hospitality industry from within itself and makes students more competitive, because they leave the Institute as an experienced hotel operators. In my vision this system unites the best features from other education systems, consequently making it the best.

All lecturers and operating staff are very responsive and always ready to help. They always encourage, motivate and inspire students to create new personal aspirations and goals we can reach in future, and they help us to expose our strengths, to spot weaknesses and turn them in advantages.

For a rather short time of being here, I made a lot of international friends, I am really grateful for it, as I have the opportunity to learn from different cultures.

The assembly of those factors makes being here absolutely and undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

Aleksandr Gorbenko


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Nina Schul – Germany – BSc (Hons) Degree

Hi, I am Nina Schul. I come from Germany and I am a direct entry student. I am currently enrolled in the BSc Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management. Having completed my Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management in Mauritius, I was eager to continue my studies in Switzerland. My wish was to come to HTMi because they have a partnership with the hotel school of Mauritius and I heard a lot about the good way of teaching here at HTMi.

In the beginning it was very hard for me to adapt, seeing that I was not used to the style of learning and teaching but after some time and with the help of the teachers I settled well. HTMi provides an excellent environment for studying and enjoying at the same time. The teachers are highly qualified and always eager to help and support the students.

My past internships I have done in the Hilton Hotel and the Sofitel Imperial in Mauritius and the third work placement, I completed at the St. Anne Resort & Spa in the Seychelles. These three hotels were beach resorts, but now I am looking forward to work in a good hotel in Switzerland, in which HTMi will support me.

My future goal is to become a Rooms Division Manager one day and I strongly believe that the studies at HTMi will help me in achieving this dream by teaching me a professional attitude and behavior.

 Nina Schul
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Pauline Yong – Malaysia – BSc (Hons) Degree

Hello everyone!

My name is Pauline Yong. I am originally from Malaysia. I am a direct entry student from INTI College Sarawak, Malaysia. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science (Hons) course in HTMi. This is my first time traveling far away from my home, away from my family members. It has only been four weeks since I first stepped into this ‘big family’. We all could communicate well, so there is no language barrier as English is still the main teaching medium used here. Besides, HTMi has made it convenient for international students like us to feel at home. The accommodation is just a short walk away from the lecture hall, food is sumptuous, people are friendly and weather is so nice.

 HTMI’s educational goal is to provide students with transformational learning and assistance. Education is a transforming process for both the learner and teacher. It encourages students in changing self-image, enlarging aspirations, developing confidence and self-efficacy towards the future working environment.

Besides that, HTMi Institute has very high standard and expectations toward students’ capability. In the beginning, it was quite tough for me to adapt to the teaching approach. However, with the constant help from experienced lecturers and helpful classmates, I managed to catch up within a few days. Besides, rich resources are offered in HTMi, it enables me to work on my coursework more effectively. Hence, I regained my self-confidence believing I can complete my BSc as expected.

From my observation within this past four weeks, I found that HTMi focused in developing and preparing students from every aspect that is related to the hospitality industry. HTMi grabs every opportunity to train, lead and guide their students in terms of shaping them into a professional hotelier in the future. Thus, I am really grateful that I have this chance to join HTMi, to learn, to work hard and to have fun with all the people here. Moreover, HTMi institute provides a conducive environment for students to concentrate better in their study.

Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity to study in HTMi. I believe that everything I have learned here, will be a very good stepping stone for my future career. Thank you HTMi! , I’m proud to be one of HTMi’s members. Cheers!

Pauline Yong
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Pavel Kuznetsov – Russia – BSc (Hons) Degree

Hello everyone! My name is Pavel and I come from Russia. I came here for the Certificate course, right after I finished high school. Until now, I finished Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma. In addition, I had a one year internship consisting of six months in Russia and six months in Switzerland. All of these experiences helped me to improve not only a lot of personal skills in studying, but also in the working environment. Now, I am enrolled in the Manager in Training program and I am proud of this. It is really a great experience to work through all departments within a hotel and be fully responsible for my working performance as well as people who work under me. I also have the opportunity to do the marketing for the school. Special thanks to Mr. David Hailstones for this.

When I was in high school I decided to go in the tourism and hospitality industry. It was a good choice because whole my life I was travelling with my parents everywhere. That’s why I chose this direction. My father told me that the best Hotel and Tourism Management schools in the world are in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very beautiful country, and also a quiet and safe place to study. Then we decided that the best place in Switzerland for that is HTMi. Since the beginning lecturers at HTMi give personal attention to each single student with the motto” Come as a student, leave as a manager” and it really works. A lot of my friends from HTMi work now everywhere in the world in the best places in the hospitality and tourism industry. The words “The Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World” have become really true. New innovation and technology at HTMi are really impressive. Each semester in the institute we have something new. A very big part of the students` lives are events. The great person who is organising and managing events is Mr. Anthony Lack.All students in HTMi will have great opportunities to have a good career in the future based on what we have learned and experienced by our self from these events.

In the future after finishing the BSc course, I want to go to the United States of America and start my career there, by taking a management training program first. Really warm welcome to all students around the world to HTMi! Big thanks for the teachers and staff of HTMi.

 Pavel Kuznetsov
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Silver Choi Eun – South Korea – BA

 My name is Silver Choi Eun and I am from South Korea. I am studying the Bachelor of Arts and I am very proud to be one of the students at HTMi. I finished my diploma in hospitality management in Malaysia and I wanted to continue my studies in another country. I knew Switzerland is the best place to study Hospitality Management. Like destiny, I got a lot of information about HTMi from my friends so I had to look it up online.

The studying environment in HTMi exceeded my expectation. It has a perfect environment for the students to study and I was very surprised when I found out there are so many recreational facilities available for students. There is a fully equipped gym, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, billiards and more. All the students and staff at HTMi are very friendly and helpful. A new iPod touch was given to all the new students and not only I can communicate with my friends but also I could store a lot of studying materials and keep me updated all the times. I share my room with two other roommates and my room is new, clean and it has the most wonderful view. The room is spacious and furnished with everything I need.

HTMi is very energetic. There are so many events going on in HTMi and students get their chance to organize these events. Also, there are cultural dinners where students have to organize the event according to their nationality. We can learn and understand about our friends’ cultures all over the world.

I am very grateful that I got a chance to study at HTMi and choosing HTMi will be one of the best decisions I have made to become successful in the hospitality industry.

Silver Choi Eun

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Toygar Acinci – Turkey – Diploma

My name is Toygar Acinci and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I started my studies at HTMI in the spring semester of 2010. Currently I’m studying the Diploma Course at HTMI. Before I came to HTMI, I was studying at an Italian High School and after having learned the Italian language and culture for 5 years I felt ready to study the industry which I was dreaming since I was a young boy.

I’m glad that I’m studying at HTMI because since I came here so many things have changed in my life. This school teaches and shows how to be professional in all departments in the hospitality and tourism industry. HTMI has a great location with an excellent atmosphere for life and studies. HTMI is the world`s unique school that uses its own webnetwork system with lots of applications and facilities which you can use on the iPod touch given to every student at HTMi.

After I finished the Certificate Course, I did my internship at the Fondue House located in Luzern Old Town. I was working in the service department for six months. Mainly our customers were tourists who were coming to Switzerland from all over the world to visit this lovely city. During my internship I was working without any worries or fear because HTMi taught and trained me good quality service and how to behave and understand guest needs in the hospitality industry.

I’m looking forward to complete my courses at HTMi to become a future manager. Its great to be part of the HTMi family and learn new things everyday for my upcoming career in the hospitality industry.

I would highly recommend this school for everyone whose wish is to come as a student and leave as a manager one day in your career life. If you have any question or confusion about the school or Switzerland you can contact me, its my pleasure to talk more about HTMI.

Best wishes,

Toygar Acinci

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Vivian Yang – China – Diploma

I am Vivian Yang from China. I finished my Certificate course last semester and went directly to Diploma. After the freshman year, I am now still feeling excited and fresh about the school. Moving on from the Certificate course, the Diploma course pays more attention to very useful theories and methods. Seems like my life is much busier but I enjoy it and I am expecting more ‘surprises’ in the coming weeks.

Two months before I came here, I was actually planning and preparing to go to the United States to study Finance.However, I never regret having made the decision to come here. Life at HTMi is a totally new page in my life. I experienced the diversity of cultures and encountered different people. In this way, I am able to have a delightful cooperation with others and have a much better understanding of team and group work now. This is a place that trains me to be more independent. The experience I have here makes me feel that what I learnt from classes is no longer just theoretical. I am so glad that the knowledge can be absolutely used in my future career life.The most important thing for me is that HTMi is not only teaching me how to be a better student, it also helps develop me to be a professional manager and a better person.

The education system trains me step by step how to become a professional future manager. Everything starts from the basis to a higher level. From learning the basic serving skills and the proper ways to behave to the top management skills from conceiving a restaurant, to planning a resort concept. This is the way things work at HTMi, which perfectly fits the mission of our school “come as a student,leave as a manager”.

After this semester, I will go for an internship for one year and then I will be back for the Higher Diploma course. I am looking forward for it and the further education I am going to have.

All these things I gained from HTMi make me a future manager. I welcome you to join our excellent family.

Vivian Yang
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Konstantin Dudkin – Pegas Touristik, Turkey

As a previous student of HTMi I would like to express gratitude to our teachers back in Switzerland who are committed to our growth and development including the director of HTMi Mr. Larmour, Operations Manager Mr. Hailstones, and Events Manager Mr. Lack, and the Academic Dean, Mr Hains

My name is Konstantin Dudkin, an MBA graduate of the semester August 2008 and then a Train the Trainer student of the semester February 2009. The reason I decided to share this information with other current or oncoming students of HTMI is to encourage them to apply for the HTMi internship program oversees particularly in the United States.

Personally I think that every student at HTMI has to always consider their primary goals and aims and what is the best way to achieve them. From my point of view the leadership strategy of HTMi completely supports students..

By the time I had become a student of HTMi there was a tremendous willingness of the school to find an appropriate career start for me, and by the time I graduated the School organised an international internship for me in USA. I had other choices in Switzerland and overseas like UAE, Maldives, and various parts of the Asian-Pacific region in the global hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt, Conrad, Intercontinental and many others. But my view of all choices that I had was to do something a little bit different and the best option for that was the Management Training Program in The United States. Luckily HTMi had had a reliable partnership agreement with a terrific organization led by Sam and Susan Craig of Entrée Resources. with exclusive private clubs and resorts in the United States.

I was accepted onto the management training program in food and beverage operations by the Farmington Country Club, awarded the best country club in Virginia in 2009, and is amongst the top ten percent of the well recognized country clubs throughout the United States, with the high standards of service I have ever experienced. I have the opportunity to work in many different departments and many aspects of food and beverage operations. After working in each department, there After three months in each department the managers give me feedback on areas I need to improve , and this is great, since I really can develop my skills here, and I really am part of the team working very hard to make a difference at Farmington Country Club.

I am now the Destination Manager of Pegas Touristik in Turkey and I am enjoying every single moment of it!

Thank you HTMi!

With best regards,

Konstantin Dudkin

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Oreo Chan – Florinda International, Macau

Hello Everyone! Greetings from Macau!

It is such a great honour for me to share my life with all of you here. When I was in school, I was worried about whether I could get a job which I love, but it turns out I was over-worried. After graduating from HTMi, I started my career in Florinda Hotels International as Sales Executive. The group operates five different hotels in Macau including Grand Lisboa, Hotel Lisboa, Pousada de Sao Tiago, Hotel Sintra and Regency Hotel. I am responsible for the sales of local Leisure, Corporate and MICE markets for the above five hotels. It is a huge challenge for me since the positions and target market of those five hotels are totally different. Fortunately, what I had learnt in HTMi gave me a great foundation of marketing and MICE, which helps me to cope with my day-to-day challenges. Therefore, I would like to give my deep gratitude to HTMi and all the faculty members for all the in-school and post-school support! I wish all the students and graduates of HTMi a bright future and happy all the time!

Oreo from Macau


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