From eight competing institutions globally, the winning team is: Polytechnics Mauritius Team 2. Polytechnics Mauritius submitted three teams and two teams made it into the top eight finalists on Thursday, 22nd April 2021.

The team consisted of HTMi Switzerland’s partner Polytechnics Mauritius Montagne Blanche Campus Ms. Leutendrine Marie Yashica and Mr. Kissoondoyal Chettan, whose innovation challenge concept focused on “The SMART Greenhouse Cultivation”.

Initially, this concept was created due to the consequences of Covid-19. Numerous Mauritius faced a shortage of food supplies mainly fresh vegetables and fruits. The period of lockdown for both international and national levels was a harsh phase. Therefore, it is a need for the government, hotels, populations, and from both private and public sectors to seek new and advanced ways to curb these issues. The hospitality industry being the main focus as it is directly affected. Thus, we need to prevent problems such as jobs losses, declining in financial statuses and come up with permanent yet reliable solutions for the salvations of the hospitality industry. Improving the situations will create new hopes which will give people a good perception and reason to fight against the pandemic.

The mission of the team “To implement the most advance way to grow crops within the hospitality industry in Mauritius, using the SMART Greenhouse Cultivation”, with a Vision Statement “in Mauritius, we import 60% of fruit and vegetables from abroad and only 40% is being produce locally, therefore with this SMART greenhouse cultivation; we can easily produce up to 70% locally by 2030”.

We salute and congratulate Polytechnics Mauritius on their success.


Anthony Lack, President, HTMi International Events Association