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20 11, 2020

HTMi Global Students Forum 2020

Hosted by HTMi Switzerland, and powered by HTMi Cisco Webex, with the purpose to advance learning and innovation within all HTMi partner institutions globally.

HTMi Global Student Forum 2020: 11th – 12th November

International Hospitality and Tourism Research Conference
(Contemporary issues in hospitality and tourism)

Innovation Challenge – “Lead don’t follow, create don’t copy”
(Create a leading hospitality or tourism concept)

Bringing together all HTMi students globally.

“Nine partner institutions took part in the HTMi “Innovation Challenge” and were judged by fifty-six judges voting at HTMi locations globally. The research conference part of the forum focused on contemporary issues in hospitality and tourism. The forum was attended by over 200 students and staff with many innovative, insightful and knowledge enhancement outcomes. On day one of the forum, HTMi Switzerland’s 29 BSc (Hons.) students showcased their research in the form of poster presentations, which were judged by a team of academic faculty and students.

On day two the forum went entirely global and started with the six top teams from the “Innovation Challenge”. The students from each team were online and took part in the Q&A session after their respective videos were broadcast.
The forum was then joined by three international guest speakers. The afternoon session saw the four BSc (Hons.) finalists from day one present their research paper concepts.

We are sincerely looking forward to hosting the 2021 Forum. For now, here is the 2020 news and highlights:”

Your hosts,

Jack Iveson, Head of Academics, HTMi Switzerland

Anthony Lack, President of HTMi International Events Association

19 11, 2020

HTMi Dubai Team Wins HTMi 2020 Global Innovation Challenge

From nine competing institutions globally, the winning team is:

The team consisted of HTMi Dubai Students: Elijah Lord Adem, Gurtej Singh and Anandha Vinayagam Meenachi Sundaram, whose innovation challenge concept focused on a hygienic service delivery system to reduce the human-to-human contact during service delivery to help prevent COVID-19 infections in the hospitality and tourism industry. The concept also enables efficiency and timely delivery of service to guests using IoT and Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the above, the system will also empower the guest with more sophisticated room deliveries with comfort and privacy during their stay in hotels.

8 11, 2020

Mr. Taekwhan Lee Food & Beverage Service Trainee at the Sheraton Zürich Hotel

“We got to know Mr. Lee as a conscientious and responsible individual’’

Mr. Taekwhan Lee Food & Beverage Service Trainee at the Sheraton Zürich Hotel.

Mr. Lee’s main areas of responsibility were breakfast, lunch and evening service at our “route twenty-six“ restaurant. Independent work at the club lounge and VIP treatment control were also a part of his duties.

Mr. Lee’s actions were highly thoughtful and responsible. He adapted to the changing work environment and situations and was interested in participating in innovations. Mr. Lee was greatly recognized by our employees, superiors and our international guests. He also worked well in teams and also accepted our opinions and criticisms. He always made decisions with care and a little question.

Mr. Lee leaves us at the end of his internship and continued his studies at the HTMi hotel school for International Hotel & Tourism management in Sörenberg. We would like to thank him for his commitment and wish him all the best for the professional and private future. Our doors are always open for Mr. Lee. – Christoph Fürlinger (F&B Operations Manager at the Sheraton Zürich Hotel)

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