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Student News

304, 2018

HTMi Student Prathulya Rajaram Shares His Story:

I am Prathulya Rajaram 20 years old from Coimbatore a small city in the South of India. When I was 18 I wanted to leave home, and travel the world. I had great interest towards tourism and Hotel industry. It was then when I came across HTMi. Though at the very beginning the thought of studying abroad in a [...]

1008, 2017

Aishah Siti – HTMi Graduate Success in Singapore

HTMi International Development Group congratulates Aishah for her very valuable contribution and skill shown in successfully achieving the EduTrust certification. Aishah is an excellent ambassador, team player , and goal focused member of HTMi (Singapore) . As a direct result of her achievements and her strong support to achieve our EduTrust certification, Aishah is now promoted to become HTMi [...]

2105, 2017

Our BSc Students Eugene & Charles Share Their HTMi Stories.

Pictured: Charles (left), Eugene (right) Charles Lee: My name is Charles from Singapore. HTMi Singapore has been a great starting place which have kick-start my career in the hotel industry. Even though, in the beginning having contemplated if i should join the School. I was glad that i had joined the school. Moving to my experience in Switzerland. “The world [...]

1605, 2017

The HTMi Alumni Network is Moving Forward

The HTMi Career Centre has the pleasure to offer some great updates for our Alumni. We are working hard to revamping the actual network and to encourage more the communication and collaboration process. First of all, we are proud to announce that the Alumni website, at www.myhtmi.ch, has been upgraded and relaunched. Please visit it and see all the [...]