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Student News

1902, 2021

Ms. Karin Kogoj, Food & Beverage Trainee at the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain

“She was a strong performer and a great contribution to our Food & Beverage Team.” Karin Kogoj was a J1 Visa Food and Beverage Intern at the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain in Marana, AZ. She started her Internship with us on August 27, 2018 and completed her internship on August 30, 2019. She was a strong performer and a [...]

3101, 2021

Ms. (Michelle) Bich Phuong Huynh – Trainee at Hotel Grindelwalderhof

“Ms. Bich Phuong Huynh integrated into our team very easily.” Ms. (Michelle) Bich Phuong Huynh, Service & Housekeeping  Trainee at Hotel Grindelwalderhof, Grindelwald She is a friendly person and a good team player. We have always been satisfied with her work and her behavior towards her superiors, international customers and co-workers.

2701, 2021

Farida Zholtayeva – From PgD to Project Director

Farida Zholtayeva - From PgD to Tourism and Hospitality Education Project Executive at HTMi Saudi Arabia, Mena Education and Development Company Farida Zholtayeva's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farida-zholtayeva-1b1877113/

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