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Student News

1109, 2019

Mr. Putnoky fulfilled his tasks to our complete satisfaction

Mr. Csanad Putnoky – Benedek, Housekeeping trainee at Hotel Villa Honegg, Luzern We were delighted to welcome Mr. Putnoky as a very dutiful and enthusiastic employee. In a short time, he managed to acquired many knowledge on his duties and able to continuously increase his volume of work. He worked reliably and fulfilled his tasks to our complete [...]

2908, 2019

Ms. Borbala Busa – Her conduct towards guests, superiors and employees was impeccable at all times.

Ms. Borbala Busa, Food & Beverage Trainee at InterContinental Davos We got to know Ms. Busa as an interested, hard-working, reliable and courteous intern who performed her duties independently and always to our full satisfaction. Mss. Busa always found meaningful and effective solutions even for difficult situations. As far as the business fluctuation required it, it was always a [...]

2208, 2019

Ms. Arman was appreciated for her many qualities.

Ms. Arman Ali, F&B trainee at W Hotel Verbier As part of her internship Ms. Arman was trained in our bar. She gave us satisfaction in terms of work and conduct by welcoming the customers according to our standards, setting up and servicing. As a result, she was appreciated for her many qualities, her availability and her exemplary attitude [...]

708, 2019

Aizhan is very welcome to come back, we would take her in a heartbeat, she is a real star

Ms. Aizhan Kozhonova, Front Office trainee at Park Hyatt Hotel and Villas, Abu Dhabi “Aizhan is an organized, result oriented hospitality professional who always strives to be her best and deliver great results. Aizhan is naturally a caring person who loves to help and encourage others; she is a true master of details and has consistently demonstrated a [...]