3112, 2019

HTMi Review of 2019

December 31st, 2019|Employers, Events, Graduates, News|

2019 was an outstanding year for HTMi. We recorded the highest academic results ever at Bachelor Degree level (7 first-class honours, and 20 second class upper division at BSc level in one cohort in our Summer Exam Board); first Swiss Hotel School to: open in Dubai; achieve an ICO from KHDA; achieve 4-years EduTrust in Singapore; launched a large [...]

1012, 2019

Employers are very satisfied with HTMi Students

December 10th, 2019|Education, Employers, Graduates, News|

HTMi’s Career Centre key objective for all students is “High Employer Satisfaction”. HTMi sees this as the key barometer of its reputation with employers. During 2018 and 2019 HTM’s Research carried out qualitative and quantitative research by analysing the content of employer references given to students, and work evaluations required by HTMi. This research also looked at the progression [...]

1611, 2019

Mr. (Simon) Chiu Chi Lam, Housekeeping Trainee at InterContinental, Davos

November 16th, 2019|Employers, Graduates, News, Student News|

We appreciated Mr. Lam as a diligent, interested and courteous intern, who always carried out the tasks assigned to him independently and to our best satisfaction. Due to his quick comprehension and willingness to learn, Mr. Lam quickly familiarized himself with his field of work. He has good specialist knowledge and used it safely and purposefully in practice at [...]

1110, 2019

Mr. Baizhanov accomplished his tasks with high motivation

October 11th, 2019|Employers, Graduates, News, Student News|

Mr. Kudaibergen Baizhanov, F&B Trainee at Le Grand Bellevue Hotel Gstaad We have known and appreciated Mr. Baizhanov as a hardworking and disciplined employee. He accomplished his tasks with high motivation and calmly. He always carried out his tasks in a reliable manner and always to our satisfaction. We are grateful for his quality of work he has [...]

1109, 2019

Mr. Putnoky fulfilled his tasks to our complete satisfaction

September 11th, 2019|Employers, Graduates, News, Student News|

Mr. Csanad Putnoky – Benedek, Housekeeping trainee at Hotel Villa Honegg, Luzern We were delighted to welcome Mr. Putnoky as a very dutiful and enthusiastic employee. In a short time, he managed to acquired many knowledge on his duties and able to continuously increase his volume of work. He worked reliably and fulfilled his tasks to our complete [...]

2908, 2019

Ms. Borbala Busa – Her conduct towards guests, superiors and employees was impeccable at all times.

August 29th, 2019|Employers, Graduates, News, Student News|

Ms. Borbala Busa, Food & Beverage Trainee at InterContinental Davos We got to know Ms. Busa as an interested, hard-working, reliable and courteous intern who performed her duties independently and always to our full satisfaction. Mss. Busa always found meaningful and effective solutions even for difficult situations. As far as the business fluctuation required it, it was always a [...]