Upcoming and past events at HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

2701, 2020

Swiss Cultural Evening at HTMi – Spring 2020

Thank you to the staff members and MITs for organising a fantastic Swiss Cultural Evening. Following a first week full of activities, the HTMi students had an opportunity to discover the real culture of Switzerland through an interesting presentation and delicious Swiss cuisine while experiencing the famous Swiss Alphorn instrument. It is a tradition at HTMi to organise each [...]

3112, 2019

HTMi Review of 2019

2019 was an outstanding year for HTMi. We recorded the highest academic results ever at Bachelor Degree level (7 first-class honours, and 20 second class upper division at BSc level in one cohort in our Summer Exam Board); first Swiss Hotel School to: open in Dubai; achieve an ICO from KHDA; achieve 4-years EduTrust in Singapore; launched a large [...]

1612, 2019

Congratulations to HTMi Bahrain

The 2019 graduation was recently attended by senior Vips from Bahrain and the Swiss government, the hotel industry and HTMi Switzerland. HTMi Bahrain has become a highly successful model of employability for all graduates, and we will announce an education development plan in early 2020. Congratulations to all graduates.

1012, 2019

HTMi Christmas Dinner Fall 2019

The magical Christmas season debuted at HTMi Switzerland with the traditional Christmas Dinner. On Friday 6th of December 2019 the staff members teamed up with the MiTs to organise one of the most awaited and special meals of the year - the Christmas Dinner. Fabulous food buffet, jolly service and great performances have been carefully prepared to bring the [...]

412, 2019

“Lost in Space at HTMi” the 26th International Gala Event Fall 2019

The 26th International Gala Event, held on Friday, 29th November 2019 is one of the most important events organised by the Higher Diploma students under the leadership of the Centre for Events Management at HTMi. During this semester our current Higher Diploma class succeeded in planning managing and executing an unforgettable evening enjoyed by highly respected guests from international [...]