Upcoming and past events at HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

2309, 2021

HTMi Switzerland Supports Bilac 2021

On Saturday, 18th and Sunday, 19th September 2021, the organising committee of the Bilac has organized the 20th Bilac. In beautiful weather, all 110 registered boats started in Neuchâtel with the destination Biel rowing along the Bielersee. HTMi Switzerland is very proud that the organising committee requested the assistance of our students to manage the food & beverage operations [...]

609, 2021

HTMi Switzerland Announces EMCup 2022 Team

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute congratulates Jazmin Tanko (Hungary), Heera Munir (Pakistan), Alex Pham (Vietnam), Xavier Yap (Singapore) and John Mark Lubwama (Uganda) for being selected to represent HTMi at the European Mise en Place Cup on the 13th & 14th February 2022 in Maastricht, Netherlands. The team will be coached under the leadership and guidance of Mr. [...]

1708, 2021

Global Student Forum 2021

HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland Global Student Forum 2021 4th - 5th November 2021 Innovation Challenge - "Lead don't Follow, Create Don't Copy" What means motivating the workforce in the 21st Century Hotel Industry? International Hospitality and Research Conference Bringing Together All HTMi Students Globally Your Hosts: Mr. Jack Iveson, Head of Academics, HTMi Mr. Anthony Lack, [...]

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