Upcoming and past events at HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

1707, 2020

Virtual Reality Graduation @ HTMi, KSIT Kazakhstan

Virtual Reality Graduation @ HTMi, KSIT Kazakhstan Congratulations to the latest group of HTMi / KSIT graduates in Kazakhstan. The event planned by KSIT Director Galiya Utebekova, and HTMi Head of Events Education, Mr Anthony Lack: it started off virtually in HTMi Switzerland with the awards being handed over by video link to each graduand, then handed to [...]

2205, 2020

Cocktail Championship Summer 2020

Here are some of the fantastic concoctions by our mixologists at the Cocktail Competition Summer 2020: Kinga’s Signature Cocktail Good Morning Palinka Paula’s Signature Cocktail Dracula’s Elixir Lily’s Signature Cocktail Stormy Wave of Emotions Agnia’s Signature Cocktail Indonesian Sling Tessa’s Signature Cocktail Dusk Till Dawn Joanne’s Signature Cocktail Blue Skies Ahead And the evergreen classics: Mojito, Whiskey Sour, [...]

2005, 2020

Celebrating 15 years at HTMi, Mr Anthony Lack

To celebrate 15 years at HTMi, Mr Anthony Lack, Head of Events Education and Planning, is now the founder and President of HTMi International Events Association. The association will immediately become the coordinating body for international events held within HTMi Partners globally. The initial portfolio of event projects falling within the remit of the association are: WHSC, World Hospitality [...]

1405, 2020

Master Class Global Tour 2020 – HTMi Partnerships

HTMi International Development Group is touring many international locations, live, online. Mr Anthony Lack, Head of Events Education and Planning, HTMi Switzerland - Topic: "World of Events" Chef Andreas Kurfurst, President HTMi International Culinary Association - Topic: "Food Future & Presentation Now" Powered by Cisco

605, 2020

EMCUP 2020 After movie | INSIDE OUT | HTMi Switzerland

European Mise En Place Cup : The EMCup is the annul competition amongst the best European Hotel Management Schools and took place in Maastricht on February 16th and 17th 2020. HTMi's team INSIDE OUT participated this year and achieved 1st place in Switzerland and 4th in Europe out of 36 hotel schools. Heartiest Congratulations to our Champion Team [...]