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Upcoming and past events at HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland

502, 2018

Hungarian Cultural Evening – Spring 2018

Thank you to our student Eniko and all that supported her in hosting the Hungarian Cultural Evening last week. It was a warm and pleasant evening, thank you everyone.

2901, 2018

Swiss Cultural Evening – Spring 2018

With the New year comes a new semester and new faces. We would like to warmly welcome all students to 2018 with a proud celebration of Swiss culture closing off our first week in Sorenberg. Thank you to all students who participated and organised this event, we look forward to many more celebrating the many cultures you bring to [...]

412, 2017

Czech and Slovakian cultural evening

Thank you to Robko Miklos and his incredible team that organised last weeks Czech and Slovakian cultural evening. It was a warm and delightful experience, thank you.