We sat down with our Diploma student Dominik Stračár to talk about his passion for coffee and what it was like to prepare and participate at the Barista Roku Competition in Prague, Czech Republic.

After lots of hard work and training at HTMi with Mr. Yazan Sudki along with the support of Mr. Roger Wittwer at KAFISCHMITTE (www.kafischmitte.ch) and Mr Andre Eiermann at UCC Coffee Switzerland (www.ucc-coffee.ch) Dominik was able to reach the semi finals, and now is preparing to compete at the Swiss Barista Competition in 2018.

“It was last year, when I made up my mind to compete. The reason I compete is not because I want to win…that’s just a bonus of hard work. No, the reason I compete is because I want to learn more about coffee and all the hard work that goes into it before we even drink it.” – Dominik