My name is Roshan Joshua Abraham. However, at HTMi grounds, I am often referred and called to simply as Joshua. I am 20 years old and was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have always had an interest in hospitality and culinary arts.  Upon graduating high school back in 2014, I enrolled in the Malaysian Campus of Le Cordon Bleu. When I graduated the course, I realised I wanted to further my studies in the field of hospitality and management. That is where HTMi came in. I had previously come across HTMi and its relevant modules and beautiful setting in Sörenberg way back when I was 15 and even then had thought that study in Switzerland took root then. I recalled my fascination with HTMi and realised that study there would benefit me greatly.

I joined the institute back in January 2016 the spring semester. It has been such whirlwind yet steep learning curve. I have learnt and gained so much awareness in study and living and I still continue to do so everyday. My first internship was an F&B/ housekeeping cross training.  This experience enabled me to witness first hand how an establishment functions and it was all thanks to HTMi and their resourceful career centre.  The staff and teachers are extremely helpful and consistently encourage me to hone my craft in order to prepare me for the real world (which I will be joining very shortly).  I am about to commence my second internship shortly at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Florida, for a culinary trainee position.

I look forward to applying new skills for when I return to HTMi and eventually to my future work endeavours. It is a fun and friendly environment here and I know all students leave here with an unforgettable experience!