Before coming to HTMi, I was already involved in the hospitality industry, as I graduated as an Economist (BSc) majoring in Tourism and Catering, in Hungary. In connection with my studies, I did internships as a Front Office Trainee in a hotel, in one of the most scenic area of Hungary, near to the Austrian border. After graduation, I worked as a Server on the board of the fast track, premium train operated by Austrian Federal Railways called Railjet. It was a wonderful experience for me because I did not only work on board but I had the opportunity to travel across Europe. Besides that I also worked in the United States for three summers, as well as at the Armada Cup 13’ in Bern as a volunteer.

Currently I am undertaking the MBA and MSc joint program of HTMi and Edinburgh Napier University, which I will complete by June 2014. After that I would like to get into the industry and start my career. Thanks to HTMi’s extensive connection to the hospitality industry worldwide, I have the chance to choose from more opportunities. It is a very important philosophy of HTMi that not only the academic background is provided but it gives opportunities for the students to gain practical experiences as well. As part of that, along with other students, we are going to represent HTMi at the 84th Geneva Motor show where we are working as the part of the banqueting team for Volkswagen in their VIP and Press Lounge.

I believe that choosing HTMi as an institute to continue my studies was the best decision for me in terms of my long-term career prospects. I gained such knowledge, practical experiences, professional attitude and life-long connections with teachers, professors and fellow students that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life.

Richard Hrankai