“I feel so nervous! Did I make the right choice? I miss home!” Those were my thoughts 3 years ago when I first came to HTMi. It is amazing how fast time flew and here I am, a Malaysian girl, studying my final semester, Bachelor of Science (Hons).

Having just completed my final government examination in secondary school, I was unsure about what to pursue as my tertiary education. All the possibilities were right in front of me and none of which seem to catch my attention. I continued searching until one day my best friend, Eunice, introduced me to an agent who then familiarised me with the hospitality industry and in detail, HTMi. As the agent was explaining more about the courses in HTMi, the more I find myself attracted to the program. Cutting the story short, that is how I ended up in HTMi.

During my time in HTMi, not only have I learnt how to carry plates, open a wine bottle, reference an author and etc. What was more important to me were not things which books can teach but to understand further about other cultures, how teamwork plays a huge role in an organisation and at the end of the day, everyone is equal no matter what size, colour, gender or nationality. I have built many friendships over my years of studying here which mean the world to me, met many lecturers who despite their busy schedule, made time and opened their ears to listen to what the students had to say and assist them in every way possible. Things which we learn from books can be easily forgotten but the things we experience in life on a daily basis will always be cherished.

I can honestly say, based on all my experiences which I have had the opportunity to acquire from HTMi, has certainly made me the person I am today. So, to answer myself the first day I came, yes, I did make the right choice.

Beng Lim