I am Vivian Yang from China. I finished my Certificate course last semester and went directly to Diploma. After the freshman year, I am now still feeling excited and fresh about the school. Moving on from the Certificate course, the Diploma course pays more attention to very useful theories and methods. Seems like my life is much busier but I enjoy it and I am expecting more ‘surprises’ in the coming weeks.

Two months before I came here, I was actually planning and preparing to go to the United States to study Finance.However, I never regret having made the decision to come here. Life at HTMi is a totally new page in my life. I experienced the diversity of cultures and encountered different people. In this way, I am able to have a delightful cooperation with others and have a much better understanding of team and group work now. This is a place that trains me to be more independent. The experience I have here makes me feel that what I learnt from classes is no longer just theoretical. I am so glad that the knowledge can be absolutely used in my future career life.The most important thing for me is that HTMi is not only teaching me how to be a better student, it also helps develop me to be a professional manager and a better person.

The education system trains me step by step how to become a professional future manager. Everything starts from the basis to a higher level. From learning the basic serving skills and the proper ways to behave to the top management skills from conceiving a restaurant, to planning a resort concept. This is the way things work at HTMi, which perfectly fits the mission of our school “come as a student,leave as a manager”.

After this semester, I will go for an internship for one year and then I will be back for the Higher Diploma course. I am looking forward for it and the further education I am going to have.

All these things I gained from HTMi make me a future manager. I welcome you to join our excellent family.

Vivian Yang