As a previous student of HTMi I would like to express gratitude to our teachers back in Switzerland who are committed to our growth and development including the director of HTMi Mr. Larmour, Operations Manager Mr. Hailstones, and Events Manager Mr. Lack, and the Academic Dean, Mr Hains

My name is Konstantin Dudkin, an MBA graduate of the semester August 2008 and then a Train the Trainer student of the semester February 2009. The reason I decided to share this information with other current or oncoming students of HTMI is to encourage them to apply for the HTMi internship program oversees particularly in the United States.

Personally I think that every student at HTMI has to always consider their primary goals and aims and what is the best way to achieve them. From my point of view the leadership strategy of HTMi completely supports students..

By the time I had become a student of HTMi there was a tremendous willingness of the school to find an appropriate career start for me, and by the time I graduated the School organised an international internship for me in USA. I had other choices in Switzerland and overseas like UAE, Maldives, and various parts of the Asian-Pacific region in the global hotel chains such as Hilton, Hyatt, Conrad, Intercontinental and many others. But my view of all choices that I had was to do something a little bit different and the best option for that was the Management Training Program in The United States. Luckily HTMi had had a reliable partnership agreement with a terrific organization led by Sam and Susan Craig of Entrée Resources. with exclusive private clubs and resorts in the United States.

I was accepted onto the management training program in food and beverage operations by the Farmington Country Club, awarded the best country club in Virginia in 2009, and is amongst the top ten percent of the well recognized country clubs throughout the United States, with the high standards of service I have ever experienced. I have the opportunity to work in many different departments and many aspects of food and beverage operations. After working in each department, there After three months in each department the managers give me feedback on areas I need to improve , and this is great, since I really can develop my skills here, and I really am part of the team working very hard to make a difference at Farmington Country Club.

I am now the Destination Manager of Pegas Touristik in Turkey and I am enjoying every single moment of it!

Thank you HTMi!

With best regards,

Konstantin Dudkin