My name is Toygar Acinci and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I started my studies at HTMI in the spring semester of 2010. Currently I’m studying the Diploma Course at HTMI. Before I came to HTMI, I was studying at an Italian High School and after having learned the Italian language and culture for 5 years I felt ready to study the industry which I was dreaming since I was a young boy.

I’m glad that I’m studying at HTMI because since I came here so many things have changed in my life. This school teaches and shows how to be professional in all departments in the hospitality and tourism industry. HTMI has a great location with an excellent atmosphere for life and studies. HTMI is the world`s unique school that uses its own webnetwork system with lots of applications and facilities which you can use on the iPod touch given to every student at HTMi.

After I finished the Certificate Course, I did my internship at the Fondue House located in Luzern Old Town. I was working in the service department for six months. Mainly our customers were tourists who were coming to Switzerland from all over the world to visit this lovely city. During my internship I was working without any worries or fear because HTMi taught and trained me good quality service and how to behave and understand guest needs in the hospitality industry.

I’m looking forward to complete my courses at HTMi to become a future manager. Its great to be part of the HTMi family and learn new things everyday for my upcoming career in the hospitality industry.

I would highly recommend this school for everyone whose wish is to come as a student and leave as a manager one day in your career life. If you have any question or confusion about the school or Switzerland you can contact me, its my pleasure to talk more about HTMI.

Best wishes,

Toygar Acinci