My name is Silver Choi Eun and I am from South Korea. I am studying the Bachelor of Arts and I am very proud to be one of the students at HTMi. I finished my diploma in hospitality management in Malaysia and I wanted to continue my studies in another country. I knew Switzerland is the best place to study Hospitality Management. Like destiny, I got a lot of information about HTMi from my friends so I had to look it up online.

The studying environment in HTMi exceeded my expectation. It has a perfect environment for the students to study and I was very surprised when I found out there are so many recreational facilities available for students. There is a fully equipped gym, an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, billiards and more. All the students and staff at HTMi are very friendly and helpful. A new iPod touch was given to all the new students and not only I can communicate with my friends but also I could store a lot of studying materials and keep me updated all the times. I share my room with two other roommates and my room is new, clean and it has the most wonderful view. The room is spacious and furnished with everything I need.

HTMi is very energetic. There are so many events going on in HTMi and students get their chance to organize these events. Also, there are cultural dinners where students have to organize the event according to their nationality. We can learn and understand about our friends’ cultures all over the world.

I am very grateful that I got a chance to study at HTMi and choosing HTMi will be one of the best decisions I have made to become successful in the hospitality industry.

Silver Choi Eun