Hello everyone! My name is Pavel and I come from Russia. I came here for the Certificate course, right after I finished high school. Until now, I finished Certificate, Diploma and Higher Diploma. In addition, I had a one year internship consisting of six months in Russia and six months in Switzerland. All of these experiences helped me to improve not only a lot of personal skills in studying, but also in the working environment. Now, I am enrolled in the Manager in Training program and I am proud of this. It is really a great experience to work through all departments within a hotel and be fully responsible for my working performance as well as people who work under me. I also have the opportunity to do the marketing for the school. Special thanks to Mr. David Hailstones for this.

When I was in high school I decided to go in the tourism and hospitality industry. It was a good choice because whole my life I was travelling with my parents everywhere. That’s why I chose this direction. My father told me that the best Hotel and Tourism Management schools in the world are in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very beautiful country, and also a quiet and safe place to study. Then we decided that the best place in Switzerland for that is HTMi. Since the beginning lecturers at HTMi give personal attention to each single student with the motto” Come as a student, leave as a manager” and it really works. A lot of my friends from HTMi work now everywhere in the world in the best places in the hospitality and tourism industry. The words “The Leading Hotel Management Institute in the World” have become really true. New innovation and technology at HTMi are really impressive. Each semester in the institute we have something new. A very big part of the students` lives are events. The great person who is organising and managing events is Mr. Anthony Lack.All students in HTMi will have great opportunities to have a good career in the future based on what we have learned and experienced by our self from these events.

In the future after finishing the BSc course, I want to go to the United States of America and start my career there, by taking a management training program first. Really warm welcome to all students around the world to HTMi! Big thanks for the teachers and staff of HTMi.

 Pavel Kuznetsov