Hello everyone!

My name is Pauline Yong. I am originally from Malaysia. I am a direct entry student from INTI College Sarawak, Malaysia. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelor of Science (Hons) course in HTMi. This is my first time traveling far away from my home, away from my family members. It has only been four weeks since I first stepped into this ‘big family’. We all could communicate well, so there is no language barrier as English is still the main teaching medium used here. Besides, HTMi has made it convenient for international students like us to feel at home. The accommodation is just a short walk away from the lecture hall, food is sumptuous, people are friendly and weather is so nice.

 HTMI’s educational goal is to provide students with transformational learning and assistance. Education is a transforming process for both the learner and teacher. It encourages students in changing self-image, enlarging aspirations, developing confidence and self-efficacy towards the future working environment.

Besides that, HTMi Institute has very high standard and expectations toward students’ capability. In the beginning, it was quite tough for me to adapt to the teaching approach. However, with the constant help from experienced lecturers and helpful classmates, I managed to catch up within a few days. Besides, rich resources are offered in HTMi, it enables me to work on my coursework more effectively. Hence, I regained my self-confidence believing I can complete my BSc as expected.

From my observation within this past four weeks, I found that HTMi focused in developing and preparing students from every aspect that is related to the hospitality industry. HTMi grabs every opportunity to train, lead and guide their students in terms of shaping them into a professional hotelier in the future. Thus, I am really grateful that I have this chance to join HTMi, to learn, to work hard and to have fun with all the people here. Moreover, HTMi institute provides a conducive environment for students to concentrate better in their study.

Lastly, I would like to thank my parents for giving me this opportunity to study in HTMi. I believe that everything I have learned here, will be a very good stepping stone for my future career. Thank you HTMi! , I’m proud to be one of HTMi’s members. Cheers!

Pauline Yong