Dear Readers,

Its been three years already that I am studying in HTMi and I am very proud to be here. I still remember my first day, when I arrived I was so sad to be far from my family as it was the first time I was going away from home, but the warm welcome, help and good services I had here, have decreased my sadness and increased my happiness. Since then I consider HTMi as my family. Moreover being here in a professional environment, I learnt to be more responsible, confident of myself and independent. These 3 factors have helped me very much during my internship where I was given lots of responsibilities though being an internship student. For this, I give all the credits to HTMi for helping me to the person I am today. I am now working as a Front Office Trainee in Sun Valley Resort in the USA and will be back to Switzerland for my BSc in August!

Rati Gukhool