My name is Gorkem Salli, I am from Turkey. HTMI is the great place to gain experience and learn about present day hospitality business. I am glad to be student of HTMI and everybody is friendly and warm-hearted as well as tactful. I have been at HTMI for 1 year.

After my certificate class I did my internship at Robinson Club Nobilis, as a receptionist in Turkey in Antalya, which is well known as a massive holiday spot. During my internship I was not shy and nervous at all because I had been taught and trained how to behave and understand guests needs, and in addition to those skills required to develop into a future manager. I am doing the Diploma course now, but nevertheless I have a long way to go in my education. I have been learning about all the departments in hotels and management styles that make me feel like I have already become a manager.

Studying at HTMi will give you a new sense of dependability, honesty, trustworthiness, punctuality, professionalism in Hotel and Tourism management.
We are sincerely looking forward to having new future managers at HTMi.

Gorkem Salli