My name is Kay, I am a student of HTMi. Studying hospitality and tourism course is like an essential course for everybody who is interested in working in the hotel and tourism industry. Of course we all want better education and experiences to get a better job in the future. As everyone knows, Switzerland is the country, which specializes in hotel and tourism courses, and so I chose HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland to start my future career.

At HTMi I am now studying the Diploma, course which means the second year of the undergraduate programme. Before that, I had six-month internship in a fine dining restaurant in Zurich. Basically, I worked as a service trainee. I was trained to serve there with what I have learned such as the procedure of opening a wine bottle and the way of serving the dish.

For my diploma year, I am currently learning how to make perfect cocktails, all types of long drinks, types of coffees and starting to learn more about history of beverages in the bar and of course in the school’s Swisscafé too. I personally think that, food and beverage is like a perfect match. I cannot just get information of either one or it would not give the guests a great meal experience because they need your recommendation on both food and beverage together.

For next semester, I know there will be much more to learn about hotel management. But I just love to know these things which often are not adopted by staff in hotels and so try to serve and satisfy the needs of guests. At HTMi there will be much more to catch up as time goes on, so I must enhance my knowledge regarding all about hospitality and of course the contemporary issues in hospitality that have happened or will happen soon.

After this course, I would like to work in any five-star hotel in either front office department or any other where I will have direct contact with the guests on the first sight and last so I can probably notice all the likes and dislikes of guests then find out the solutions to improve the hotel operation. I would also like to work in the food and beverage department where I can see the reactions and the satisfactions of all guests every time when the food is being served.

Low Yuan Kay