My name is Naizabekova Anel. I’m from Kazakhstan. Last August I first arrived at the HTMi campus. Feeling lost and missing my family, I did not know if I could get through the whole semester. However, the teachers and students of HTMi warmly welcomed me to the school and made me feel at home. I got to know many people from different countries and backgrounds, who have now, became my friends.

Starting in HTMi I did not know much about the hospitality industry. But with the help and guidance of our professional teaching staff team, I already feel like an experienced manager. I am going to do my internship in a famous five star hotel chain “Rixos” and I am sure that I can apply all the knowledge I have gained in HTMi at my workplace.

My school is situated in Soerenberg, a very safe place and one of the most beautiful locations in Central Switzerland. The local people here are really friendly and are even helping me to learn their language, which, without any doubt, will benefit me in my future career. Moreover, there is so much to do here during the weekends, whether it is going snowboarding or meeting my friends in the local café.

I am grateful to HTMi for providing me with an excellent opportunity to learn so many new cultures: our management staff always encourages us to share our traditions with each other. This way I can learn a lot of new things about the world we live in, which is so important in the hospitality industry. I hope that I can learn more and more, how my teachers tell me “do everything step by step”.

Naizabekova Anel.