Hospitality is my future career since working in the Hospitality industry and meeting people from different kinds of fields, cultures and nationalities have become my main interest in life. Coming to Switzerland to study hospitality have been my dream since I was small and now I am very proud to be here in my school HTMi where the dreams comes true.

This semester is my 3rd semester here in HTMi and I am now studying Culinary Management. I am really impressed by the method of teaching in this institute as well as the teachers and my dearest colleagues. There are more than 30 nationalities of students are studying here which gives me lots of chances to know more about the different types of cultures. They are all very kind-hearted and willing to help each other.

Now, it has been 1 and a half year since the first time I stepped into HTMi Switzerland. I feel great in this amazing country with a beautiful places and friendly people, and my life has changed a lot. Now, I feel as a person I have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences, I feel more confident and more mature in facing the working world. I am very proud and fortunate to be a member of the HTMi family, and once I am a member of HTMi family, I will always be.

In this valuable opportunity, I wanted to thank my HTMi family which always motivates me and has given me a lot of support, thank you for guiding me to reach my dream in becoming a future manager in the hospitality industry.

My best wishes,

Eddy Kusnaedy