My name Nii Odoi Yemoh and I come from Ghana.

I started my studies in HTMi in the Spring semester of 2008 and after the final semester which is the BSc Hons Degree, I am now working as an Events and Banquet Trainee at the Marriott Indianapolis. I got to know about the school through one of the education fairs that was held in my home country and I was particularly impressed with what I saw and heard which played a key part in my decision to come and study here.

In HTMi, there is always a sense of belongingness since you can find almost all nationalities you can think of in the world and I’m proud to be part of such a fantastic community. I had no working experience in the hospitality industry but HTMi offered me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge by offering an excellent internship which proved to be the turning point in my quest to become a very good future manager. My goal in life is to take whatever HTMi has offered me during my time here into the hospitality industry and use it as a daily guide for my future success. One more thing I will always remember the professionalism standards set by school which helps students here to become brilliant managers in the industry.

Very best regards

Nii Odoi Yemoh