See attached reference letter signed by Jasmin Vural, HR Manager and Franz Kupka, Assistant Front Office Manager, Intercontinental Davos, 2018.

Translated excerpts:


Concierge Trainee from December 2017 to April 2018.


We (the hotel) value Angela as an interesting and dependable employee (intern), who carried out all assigned duties independently to our full satisfaction. She has a good knowledge of hospitality, which she used in a goal focused way, and always looked to learn more. She is a strong example of someone that has a high ability to learn and is very fast to master skills.


Angela is a good team player, and because of her friendly, polite and helpful manner she is well liked and valued by international hotel guests, hotel colleagues and management. Her behaviour towards colleagues and management was perfect.


Angela key strengths are timeliness, honesty and cleanliness in the work place. read more.. in attached employer reference.