“Miss Cody Dulthummon showed her professional attitude from day 1, she displayed a hospitality approach whereby our family member’s and our guest’s alike had her undivided attention. During her time with Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing she was involved with training on brand standard, English conversation and F&B service.
Miss Cody’s ” can do attitude” deserves a special mention. Our guest praise Codi to the highest level for her display of hospitality professionalism. “

Kind regards,

Uwe Lohage | General Manager | Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing |
“Choosing our very first job is challenging as the right one will kick start our career. Swisstouches is my choice. Luckily, my choice allows me to discover the industry from different angles, leading me to different and challenging experiences. I have the chance to work with an organization that has a strong company culture, acting in integrity and which gives importance to its employees calling themselves ‘’family member’’. This is where my experience at Swisstouches made its commencement.


Successful companies have leaders who empower, motivate and lead by examples. At Swisstouches, much is being learnt, as one is surrounded with such front-runners and where teamwork plays a substantial role, enabling the company to thrust forward.

Swisstouches provides me with interesting and yet challenging projects, enabling me to develop my skills and knowledge. One of the projects in which I got involved, was to assist the Swisstouches Nanjing for their grand opening. It was a great opportunity to understand the start off of a hotel and understand the set-up of such operations. Being associated with effective and exemplary leaders provides an insight of how a learning organization is generated by training, developing and retaining talented members.

From my point of view, the factors associated to a fast career growth are not only the opportunities you get, but also the leaders assisting you along the way. With all the knowledge and expertise being acquired while walking with Swisstouches, one will fully be fledged and prepared to serve the hospitality industry. “


Cody Dulthummon, Brand Manager Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts


Pictured: Swisstouches Front Office Team Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing

Mr Uwe Lohange, General Manager, Swisstouches Hotel Nanjing

Pictured right of Mr. Lohange, Ms. Cody Dulthummon, Brand Manager