We are delighted to announce that Professor Russell Rimmer is appointed as  Advisor to HTMi (Singapore). Prof Rimmer is an internationally renowned researcher and educator and is Professor of Research Development at HTMi  He has been a researcher and teacher in the areas of economics, hospitality  and education for 30 years.  His experience is with universities and colleges in Switzerland, the UK, Australia, and Singapore.

In Russell’s role with Queen Margaret University (QMU) in Scotland, he had responsibility for delivery of programmes via East Asia School of Business (EASB) in Singapore. He regularly visited EASB over three years to meet staff, students and conduct examination panels. In this role, Professor Rimmer assured the smooth running of interactions between staff of QMU and EASB, the quality of delivery and the training of staff. He is delighted to take up this new role helping HTMi (Singapore) with its long term vision of being a Leading Hotel Management Institute in Singapore