The HTMi International Hospitality Research Centre Switzerland, is pleased to release the first issue in volume seven of the International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal. Within this issue, we are again especially proud to include outstanding contributions from HTMi graduate and masters students, as well as numerous publications from partner institutions. Please refer to the list below for individual student contributions and their exceptional areas of research.

As the International Hospitality Research Centre continues to develop and increase its network of academic partners and collaborators, so does the International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal. Currently the journal is witnessing increased contributions and demand to publish from institutions beyond the HTMi and Switzerland. A special issue will be released at the end of May dedicated to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University who have contributed substantially to the student journal. Additionally, the first contribution from Coventry University will feature in issue two of volume seven due for release in September. To gain insight into contemporary research publications within the hospitality and tourism industry, follow the direct link below to the International Hospitality and Tourism Student Journal.

David Konsel: Role of revenue management in todays’ Prague Hotel Market

Tatiana Verevkina: An Evaluation Of Research On Work-Life Balance In Hospitality And Tourism From 2002 To 2014, Examining The Interdependence Of Theory And Practice Through Analysis Of Work-Life Balance Principles: A Case Of Radisson Blu Hotel In Basel, Switzerland

Jatin Sachdeva: Evaluation Of The Entrepreneurial Challenges In The Adoption Of Internet-Based Marketing By Small Hospitality Businesses In Ghaziabad, India.

Balazs Dengel: The motivation of Hungarian tertiary education students in the J-1 summer work and travel visa programme to the United States of America.

Sui Yan Ho: An Evaluation Of Challenges And Limitations Of Retaining Interns As Future Employees Based On The Case Of Intercontinental Hong Kong.

Tinny Ma: An Evaluation Of The Implementation Of Customer Relationship Management: The Case Study Of Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong.