Congratulations to Mr Bhatia , HTMi Marketing Director for forging a very close relationship with ATU Kazakhstan . Now thousands of students in ATU Kazakhstan will be able to enjoy HTMi courses at many levels, and of course the opportunity to transfer to HTMi in Switzerland. Indeed both institutions will collaborate on many aspects of research, events and many innovative projects.

ATU is Kzakhstan’s top ranked, largest public technology universities and the partnership with HTMi reflects the University’s strategic aim towards internationalization especially focusing on areas like hospitality and tourism where student career opportunities are huge reflecting the massive and growing industry surge across the world.

The photograph shows HTMi’s Mr Bhatia and HTMi Director of Operations Mr David Hailstones launch the “HTMi Opportunity” at ATU and HTMi to ATU students and faculty in October 2014.

Many congratulations to HTMI and ATU .

HTMi October 2014