Every semester the students of HTMi take their corporate social responsibility seriously as future hospitality leaders, and make a choice towards supporting a charity project. During the semester different initiatives and events are organised to raise funds. For many years HTMi has been a long-time supporter of Save the Children Foundation, and we believe that this organisation is doing a great service for mankind by fighting for the righteous causes all around the globe and trying to change it for the better.

The first project this semester (Fall 2014), was the baking and selling of Cupcakes, which turned out to be a huge success. The staff and students bought a total of 280 cupcakes. The marketing team for the International Gala Event had a great idea to set up a stand and sell cupcakes in the town of Schüpfheim. After negotiating with the local authorities, we were given permission to set up a stand with the school banners and Save the Children posters. A team of students went to set up at the Schüpfheim railway station and had lots of fun, and great success, having sold out a total of 100 cupcakes to passers-by and the locals, who showed great interest in the cause and showed wonderful support for the project.

The HTMi students have many more interesting initiatives to raise much-needed funds for the Save the Children Foundation, and due to the success of the cupcake sales, will do a further cupcake sale in November around the theme of Halloween.

We thank the staff and students of HTMi for their incredible support, with a special thank you to Head Chef Andreas Kurfürst and his culinary team of baking & pastry students for the continued support of our charity projects.

Anthony Lack, HTMi Training & Events Manager, September 2014