Hello everyone! My name is Stefania, I am now in my twenties and I come from Romania. At the moment I am in the second year of studies, Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management at HTMi.

The six months of practice in my Internship meant the first contact with the standards imposed by Hospitality Industry as well as an introduction into reality and I would gladly like to say that I am very enthusiastic and happy that I could apply with confidence all the knowledge accumulated when I was in my first year of studies here at HTMi.

As a student representing our Institution it was a great pleasure to learn new things related to my future in hospitality and also to work in a very pleasant ambience, professional work environment and being part of the Hotel President Wilson team in Geneva.

During the six months of Internship I had the opportunity of being part of the staff members within the collaboration between the Hotel President Wilson and one of the biggest world held events, Geneva Motor Show, likewise a training dedicated to the employees with the purpose of wine tasting and various events such as conferences, meetings where the guests were very important persons, in some cases even celebrities.

All of the achievements mentioned above represent a big start as well as a plus for my career in hospitality for which I would like to thank the HTMi family for leading my steps towards future and I consider that in order to be successful you should always have ambition.

Stefania Diaconu, Romania, Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management