Hi there, I am Thomas Chung, from the Spring Semester 2014 Higher Diploma Course. I have literally finished my Certificate and Diploma Course here with two unforgettable internship experiences during these programs. It is undoubtedly that HTMi offers a first-class education throughout the hospitality industries.

Its slogan, ‘lead, don’t follow, create don’t copy’ which encourages student to think outside the box. Dozens of Concepts have been created by virtue of students’ critical thinking and innovative ideas. Moreover, HTMi has complied with the Apple’s technology to minimise the use of paper, this is what makes it on the cutting edge and to be one of the most environmentally concerned institute in this field. For instance, iPad Minis have been distributed to each and every students, all the E-books and E-resources just pop up instantaneously within the palm of your hand, as you go along with it.

Not only does it provide an outstanding education, but also valuable experiences outside the classroom. The practical skills, such as interpersonal skills, social skills and time management skills can be acquired effortlessly throughout the course. In additional, I had participated in the Superstar Event, March 2013, which increased my self-actualisation and the self- esteem performing in front of the crowd.

Last but not least, Hospitality is all with lovely people, joys, enthusiasm and passion. If you have the ambition to be a future manager, it is more than welcome to join us.

Thomas Chung