My name is Nishant Suri, and I am currently a student of MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management in HTMi. I have previously completed my BSc (Hons) in Hospitality and Tourism Management from HTMi as well.

I arrived at HTMi in the Spring semester of 2008. That was the first time I was away from home, therefore I was a bit edgy and nervous about how my experience is going to turn out. My doubts were laid to rest rather quickly, with the HTMi family welcoming me with open arms. The student body and faculty members have been very supportive throughout my stay here.

I really appreciate the fact that we are being taught everything that would prepare us, once we set foot into the industry. Through the practical trainings that we receive in kitchen, service, housekeeping and front office, HTMi has provided me with a firm foundation in terms of operational skills, of course with 5 star quality standards. With the truly brilliant skills of our excellent teaching faculty, I have been provided with a strong background of theoretical knowledge, which would tell me why managers make the decisions, which they do to gain the best position in the hospitality industry.

The best part though is the environment where we study in. The mountain resort of Sorenberg provides us with the peace of mind, as well as body to assist us in focusing on our studies. After all, with this great chance given to us, we all tend to try our best at skiing or snowboarding.

The given cultural diversity in the school campus is astonishing. It is absolutely brilliant to see how over 35 nationalities under one roof, cooperate and work together as on unit, which I guess makes us one of kind. I personally think, it is simply amazing that I get to learn about various cultures around the globe, by just being here.

HTMi has not only given me a brilliant platform for me to develop upon my career in the hospitality industry, but also this great experience where learning has never been so much fun. Even after 5 years here, the place has always been charming and enchanting for me. This is my second home.

Kind regards,

Nishant Suri.

New Delhi, India.