My name is Gulnar and I am from Kazakhstan. I started my study at HTMi in January 2011 and I am currently doing my Higher Diploma course. This is my 3rd semester in HTMi, therefore this place became for me as a home. When I first arrived at HTMi I felt confused and anxious, but everyone was very friendly and helped me to get accustomed to a new place.

School is located in a wonderful place with a magnificent view of the mountains, where students can fully concentrate on their studies without being distracted. In order to provide students impeccable knowledge, HTMi uses the latest technology, which makes the learning process more interesting and efficient. Training is also one of the best parts of the learning process. First of all, it allows students to use theoretical knowledge in practice and secondly, during internship it helps student feel more confident and to be more productive. Furthermore, due to multicultural ambiance, I came to know many international students and it opened up my mind to another sector and gave me more opportunities to make new friends from all over the world. Also, not forgetting the improvement of my language and communication skills.

Life at HTMi is always interesting and joyful because it has many events, which are organised by students, such as International night, Mr and Ms HTMi, wedding event and different types of theme parties. It allows students not only to enjoy the event, but it also helps to get theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Now I am really happy to be able to study at HTMi and I can certainly say that I am very proud to be a student at one of the leading hospitality schools in Switzerland.