The Employer Satisfaction Report – Fall 2022 is generated from a sample of work certificates and internship evaluation forms provided to HTMi Switzerland’s Centre for Career Management by its partner employers, upon successful completion of each industry placement undertaken by students. The collected data concerns placements that took place during the period January 2022 – July 2022 within Switzerland.

Firstly, the analyzed work certificates allow one to obtain precise insights regarding the type of property HTMi Switzerland’s students select for their practical career development. During this period, 100% of students were employed in 4/5-Star hotels. Names such as Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort, Kempinski Palace Engelberg or Le Grand Bellevue are frequently present, acting as indicators of the high-caliber partnerships HTMi Switzerland’s Centre for Career Management has within the Swiss and Global Hospitality industry. Also, all work certificates analyzed are personalized, allowing employers to explicitly comment on student performance and, in turn, allowing students to grow their career portfolio and have a documented career path. 100% of the work certificates analyzed specifically state that students acted with a friendly, responsible and engaged disposition, and performed their tasks efficiently and to the satisfaction of the employer.

Secondly, the internship evaluation forms provide exact values about employer satisfaction, in areas such as Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Professional Conduct and other areas related to the Hospitality industry, both in terms of soft skills and technical skills, with values ranging from 1 to 5 (with 5 representing a perfect mark). The current average sits at 4.8 out of 5, representing an overall satisfaction level of 96%, with employers indicating a 100% probability of re-employing the students, as well as a 100% probability of recommending them to other employers.

Lastly, employer satisfaction can also be measured via targeted comments provided to students and the Centre for Career Management’s team, such as:

“We can fully recommend the students!”
Mr. Roger Gloor, Director at Boutique Hotel Thessoni Classic

“If we have the opportunity of offering the students a full-time contract, we would really like to do so!”
Ms. Anja Schwamberger, Guest Ambassador Wine Library at B2 Boutique Hotel & SPA

HTMi Switzerland’s students continue to increase Employer Satisfaction levels, semester after semester, now reaching virtually perfect scores in the categories of re-employment probability, recommendation to future employers probability and overall satisfaction. The Institute’s two-pronged approach to Hospitality Education and Management, combining world-class education with in-school simulations, allows students to reach continuously greater heights during their internships and remain a reference for Hospitality leaders worldwide.

All data presented in this report can be verified upon request by accessing the source data. More information on employer satisfaction and public work certificates can be found under the following link:

Report delivered on December 16th, 2022

Tiago Fernandes,
International Employer Relations, HTMi Switzerland

Jack Iveson,
Academic Dean, HTMi Switzerland

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